What is the ultimate goal of a holiday? Relaxation, of course! Having an overall relaxed holiday is certainly something to aim for, however, achieving it requires a few more factors. It requires getting away from your routine, discovering a new place or returning to a favourite one, letting all your worries go, not caring about the day or the time, sleeping well and eating exceptionally. Here are the top 5 places for relaxing Greek holidays, each providing unique experiences that will amplify your sense of relaxation.



Feel the pulse of this timeless, ancient city. Full of contrasts, scents and sounds, Athens can appease a wide range of tastes. It is possible to have a fun-packed stay, as the city becomes an adult playground at night. It possible to spend your days going from one ancient site to another, from one museum to the next. It is possible to drive along the Athenian Riviera, soaking in the wonderful coastal views as you go along, stopping at a quaint little seaside taverna for one of the freshest, most delicious meals you’ve had. It is equally possible to also have one of the most relaxing holidays in Athens. Choose to stay in a central location, so that you can saunter around by foot and absorb the vibes of such a special city. Try an Athens luxury boutique hotel near Acropolis that will lavish you with is haute design and exceptional rooftop restaurant where you can totally relax with a signature cocktail in hand, as you gaze upon the city’s most iconic monument. Its prime location within the beating heart of the old city of Athens, is the perfect base from which to comfortably jog around all the main landmarks at your own pace. Within walking distance you can easily reach the most picturesque areas of Monastiraki, Psyrri and Plaka where you can indulge in a hammam session as there are few places that offer them in their purposefully built bath venues.



Recharge on the power of nature. Caught somewhere between being part of the mainland or an island in central Greece, Evia is a place where Athenians often go to enjoy a short break away from the city. About a 2 hour drive from Athens, Evia presents itself with copious amounts of wellness to offer the visitor. In fact, Evia has some natural thermal springs in Edipsos, the benefits of which have been known since ancient times. Next to the natural spring, a wellness hotel has been built, considered to be the best thermal spa resort in Greece due to the quality of treatments and therapies offered as well as the hotel facilities that include fitness regimes that will re-energise you. The surrounding landscapes exude a sense of vastness that will shift your psyche into a higher vibration. Depending on the season you visit Evia, there are various things to do outside your chosen hotel. From activities within nature on land, such as horseback riding, hiking, trekking and cycling to sea activities such as windsurfing, canyoning, and diving. Venturing out to the northern part of Evia, to Oreoi and Istiaia will reveal a more unprecedented side of this wonderful destination. Woodlands that harbour waterfalls, Venetian towers, an ancient Acropolis, a medieval castle, and a natural history museum.



Feel your spirit soar. Mani is a unique place. Located in the penultimate, westernmost leg of the Peloponnesian peninsula, it spans a large expanse and it actually divided into sections: Outer, Lower and Inner Mani. Each has a different charm about it; Outer Mani belongs to the prefecture of Messinia whereas Inner and Lower Mani belong to Laconia. Messinian Mani is known for its more verdant landscapes while Laconian Mani’s terrain is more barren, yet it has a wonderfully sombre feel to it. The disarming wilderness of Laconian Mani makes a immensely interesting place to visit, as it fully encapsulates the personality of the region. The local culture has borrowed something from the unrelenting nature and the imposing architectural style that dominates throughout. Stone towers, impervious castles and picturesque settlements that take you on a journey back through time. Choosing your personal, sanctuary of relaxation in Mani must have some truly breathtaking views, where you can soak in every ray of sun, and inhale the purity of the sea breeze in every breath. Such a place exists in the Inner part, near Itilo; a boutique spa hotel in Mani. A few days spent here will elevate your soul and nourish your spirit through the absolutely sublime levels of tranquility.
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The island of real fairytales. Our quest for relaxing Greek holidays takes us to Santorini island next. Although mostly associated with romance and honeymoons, Santorini is capable of offering secluded, relaxing holidays to those who want to experience a different side to the Cycladic gem. Choose a less popular location than the often overcrowded Oia and Fira, for a more serene stay experience; Imerovigli is the ideal place to achieve this. It provides stunning views of the island, not only of the Aegean sea and the immaculate sunset sky that is absolutely awe inspiring, but of the hinterland of Santorini too, making you realise that the island’s beautiful views are not restricted to the Caldera alone. Wellness is a top priority for guests staying at luxury suites in Imerovigli where an entire wellness concept has be developed to accomplish exactly this: relaxing Greek holidays in 5 star luxury. Your zen is amplified by the facilities, the services and the experiences offered in this part of the island, welcoming families too with a designated Kids spa too. Dare to discover an entirely different type of holiday, on one of Greece’s widely popular destinations, worldwide!
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Island cruising

The tranquil adventure of a lifetime. One of Greece’s top advantage is that it has over 200 islands, creating a marine world of holiday pleasure. A nautical playground that will fill your soul with excitement, and your mind with visuals of spectacular natural beauty. Taking a Greek island cruise will take you from coast to coast and shore to shore, island hopping from one magical island to the next. When you vacation on any Greek island, an island tour via sailing boat is almost an unmissable experience. It is in fact the fastest way to get the island and explore coves and bays that are otherwise inaccessible from land. But what if you were to cruise around the Aegean, not just around one island? Relaxation is achieved by simply being on board and reveling in liberating sensation that being at sea creates.
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