With Summer drawing near, now is a great time to start daydreaming about your next island holidays. Visiting a destination at the start of the season means that you can avoid the major crowds and enjoy a more quality holiday. Those of us who are parents know that once you have children, holidays take on a different character. However, there are also times when you simply need some adult only time to regroup and recharge. Αnd holidays are a great opportunity to achieve that too! Whatever your needs, here are the top 3 Greek island holidays for early Summer season; one for families, one for adults only, and one for the adventurous types.


Luxury, family island holidays in Crete

The island of Crete is always a good idea. Why? Because it is so diverse and large, that it is able to offer a plethora of holiday experiences. Depending on what type of traveller you are, chances are Crete will be able to deliver. It combines natural beauty, cosmopolitan seaside cities, quaint fishing ports, mountain villages, stunning beaches, great archaeological value and a unique culture that is evident in every corner of the island. It has all the elements of offering truly unforgettable family holidays, among others.

For being tucked away in a picturesque bay with immaculate, panoramic sea views and exceptional family services, consider Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites that are synonymous with Cretan hospitality. Situated overlooking on the dreamy gulf of Mirabello, you can choose from numerous luxurious accommodation options that are designed for your absolute enjoyment. Private pools, spa services, sensational gastronomy, even a private beach are all part of a remarkable amalgam of facilities available to guests. They are also running a Kids Club offer for staying anytime in 2018, if you make your booking by the end of March.


A romantic, adults only escape to Santorini

For those who are inclined to opt for a kids free holiday and wouldn’t mind experiencing a second honeymoon, then Santorini is the most romantic island. Synonymous to a romantic island escape in Greece, Santorini is the number one contender when considering honeymoon island holidays in Greece. Chances are you may have visited Santorini before, so this time go for different experience altogether. The less known area of Akrotiri that is located on the southernmost tip of the crescent island and is a place that can offer an alternative and new vantage point of the otherwise well known island.

The absolute couples retreat in Santorini is hidden away from prying eyes and the high profile areas of the island, promising privacy and a romantic setting beyond measure. Its location offers truly amazing views, day or night, that include the all best features of the island; the Aegean Sea, the volcano, the Caldera, Imerovigli and Oia. Take advantage of the ultimate romance package and get the royal romance treatment, making this holiday stand out. Apart from in suite romantic details that will elevate your moments indoors, the package includes a catamaran cruise around Santorini, a must do.


A cruise adventure around the Aegean Sea

And speaking of cruises, one type of holiday that makes the most out of the Greek island advantage is to choose a cruise around the Cyclades or one of the other Greek island clusters. Apart from the Cyclades, there are the Saronic islands close to Athens, the Sporades and the Dodecanese. While the Ionian islands and the Cretan islands are located on the west and south of mainland Greece, respectively.

Greece has over 150 inhabited islands, while the total number, including all the uninhabited islets, estimated at being somewhere well over a thousand. So why chose a single island to holiday in and not a handful? Island holidays and island hopping is always the way to go for discovering many close by Greek destinations. But when you cruise, you can benefit from visiting a wider geographical area without lifting your suitcase!
See here what to pack for a cruise vacation!


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