TwinGo Carrier / Μάρσιπος για Δίδυμα


O ΤwinGo μάρσιπος είναι ο πιο ευπώλητος μάρσιπος για δίδυμα που κυκλοφορεί. Είναι επίσης ο η ασφαλέστερη και πιο άνετη λύση για εμάς που θέλουμε να φοράμε τα διδυμάκια μας, μιας και είναι ασφαλής για τους γοφούς των μωρών (πιάνει μέχρι το γόνατο). Επίσης, μπορεί να χωριστεί στα δύο και να φορέσει από ένα μωρό κάθε γονιός. Έχει επίσης θήκες για βασικά πράγματα.

The TwinGo Carrier (Original tandem baby carrier) is the #1 BEST SELLER of twin baby carriers on the market. Awarded “hip healthy status” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the TwinGo Original is the safest and comfiest tandem babywearing solution. Not like the other twin baby carriers! TwinGo is a true 2-for-1. TwinGo Original can be used as a tandem baby carrier (front and back), and can also split into two single carriers. XL backpack style pockets make family outings a breeze.








  • ERGONOMIC >> The TwinGo Original keeps babies in a safe and comfortable position, while providing lumbar support for parents. Perfect for babies starting at 7 pounds with the TwinGo Infant Insert.
  • ADJUSTABLE >> The TwinGo Original was designed by a petite twin mama with everyone in mind! Adjustable for parents from 4’11 to 6’5, TwinGo is built to last for your entire babywearing journey.
  • HIGH QUALITY >> 100% super-soft fabric, sturdy waistband with 6 configurations to comfortably fit XS-XL, 1″ premium foam shoulder straps reinforced for double-duty, durable plastic parts made for mountaineering gear! All TwinGo products have been through strict third party safety testing.
  • ECONOMICAL >> With twins, there really is no need to buy two of everything! The TwinGo Original can be worn as one tandem carrier, or split into two single carriers. Each Original purchase comes with an extra set of straps so both parents can experience the joys of babywearing.
  • BUILT TO LAST >> The TwinGo Original will grow with you and your babies. Start using in the single carry position at 7 pounds with the TwinGo Infant Insert, and use until babies reach a combined 70 pounds in the tandem position, and 45 pounds in the single position. You’ll get many years out of your TwinGo!