Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase


Oι οικογενειακές διακοπές έχουν περισσότερη πλάκα με το Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase

Για ταξίδια με παιδιά χωρίς το άγχος, μιας και το Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase ευνοεί το αίσθημα της ευθύνης, αλλά και τη φαντασία των παιδιών μου!

Είναι κατάλληλο για χειραποσκευή

Ναι, τηρεί τις προδιαγραφές για πτήσεις charter και low cost, ωστόσο καλό είναι να μιλήσετε με την αεροπορική εταιρεία προτού ταξιδέψετε.


Family vacations and sleepovers just got even more fun with Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase

The award-winning British design takes the stress out of traveling with kids and encourages responsibility and imaginative play at home.

Is Trunki carry-on approved?

Trunki fits within standard 20 x 18 x 10 inches dimension requirements of scheduled, charter and low cost airlines, however please check with your airline before travelling.

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Trunki: The Original Ride-On Suitcase

  • Hard-wearing and light weight plastic
  • Award-winning British design, made in the China and China
  • Ride-on, tow-along, carry-on suitcase, ideal for vacations, sleep overs, weekends away
  • Perfect for planes, trains and automobiles and att home, encourages pretend play and doubles as toy trunk
  • Free five year warranty & holds up to 75lbs
  • Hard-wearing and light weight plastic
  • 1. Carry handles: Easy to grab in a rush
  • 2. Horn grips: To steer your Trunki
  • 3. NEW and improved secure catches
  • 4. Comfy saddle: For resting tired legs
  • 5. Soft rubber trim to protect little fingers
  • 6. Lightweight durable plastic
  • 7. 14.75 gallon capacity: Lots of space to pack
  • 8. Internal pocket for special treasures
  • 9. Teddy bear seatbelts: To keep teddy safe
  • 10. Tow/shoulder strap with ID key

Free 5 year warranty

Our suitcases are made from hard-wearing and light weight polypropylene, meaning they are built to last. We’re so confident of the quality of our new version of Trunki that we offer a free 5 year warranty.