Flypal Inflatable Leg Rest For Car & Airplanes


  • Το Flypal Inflatable Leg Rest For Car & Airplanes είναι η λύση στο θέμα του ύπνου στο αεροπλάνο και σε οδικά ταξίδια, τόσο για εμένα όσο και για τα παιδιά μου. Το βάζουμε πέρα από το κάθισμα για να μπορούν τα δίδυμα να απλώσουν τα πόδια τους άνετα. Στο αεροπλάνο, μπορούν ακόμα και να ξαπλώσουν. Μπορούμε να το πάρουμε μαζί μας παντού, μιας και είναι φουσκωτό.


  • CAN TAKE THEM ANYWHERE – The Flypal Inflatable Leg Rest For Car & Airplanes is a must-have for luxurious, convenient traveling. If you are always on planes, in hotel rooms or just going to and from the office and home, this product is a versatile way of kicking back and putting your feet up –literally. Wide double seal air valves enable manual inflation in under 2 minutes to provide a footrest for home, office, or living room. It also deflates just as easily for a compact fit in any suitcase, drawer or car.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVELING WITH BABIES & TODDLERS – Long road trips can be problematic for little kids that need naps. Both the small and large pillow are designed to fit between the front and back car seats to create a place to lie. Use the pillow fasteners to combine them to make a relaxation or napping pad for use on planes, at guest houses, or in hotel rooms. The Flypal adjustable foot rest cushions are the perfect travel accessory for all age groups.
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Flypal Inflatable Leg Rest For Car & Airplanes

  • Two Pillows with Ten Different Functions
    Smaller cushion:
    – Fits nicely under office desk, on planes, on beds and sofas, or in a dorm room.
    – Used to elevate legs to improve circulation, reduce leg swelling and relieve knee painLarger cushion:
    – Can be used to elevate both feet and legs
    – Can be used as a footrest for children who use a car booster seat.
    – Can fill in empty space between seats in cars for quick-shift bedsTwo cushions combined:
    – Used for multiple people to share an ottoman foot rest
    – Can be used on a plane for children under 3 feet to lie down.
    – Can be used as a leg stool in a living room or office to help people relax
    – Can act as a leg rest for children who use a car seatSize and Dimensions
    Small cushion: 17” x 11” x 4.7” & 6.3”.
    Large cushion: 17” x 11” x 10.6” & 12.3”
    Combined: 17” x 11” x 17”Comes in a soft grey to blend with just about any decor or theme of a roomTravel Smart and Light
    Whether you are traveling alone or with children, moving from car to plane to hotel can be a hassle. Not only is it mentally draining, but it’s physically draining as well. Make those long commutes a little easier with the Flypal lightweight, inflatable ottoman for kids and adults. The air valves are easy to use and takes only a few minutes to produce luxurious body pillows to rest your weary feet or provide a small bed for your little ones. These items are easy to deflate and put away.Perfect for Recovery
    If you’ve had foot, ankle, or leg surgery, then you know elevation is a key factor in fast recovery. Pillows aren’t sturdy or easy to move from room to room with. This pain relief leg rest is a portable, light, and comfortable alternative when you need a place to rest your feet in the office or home but don’t want the hassle of makeshifting a leg rest out of pillows or other items not designed for elevation.