It is known far and wide that the cycladic Greek islands are blessed with an abundance of sun, their coasts are graced by the deep blue of the Aegean, while they are populated with one of the most hospitable and welcoming people of the Mediterranean. Taking advantage of the vast natural beauty and the warmth of the people, gradually, some cycladic islands, especially Mykonos and Santorini, have become almost synonymous with an incessant party atmosphere. Non-stop beach and club parties, all-night benders, while a casual evening out could well run into the late morning, with pleasantly inebriated party people spilling out onto the various chora squares in search for some comfort food to… line their stomachs.

This high party energy is true and visitors should get to experience this…wild side while, at the same time, indulging in the island’s more demure face since you need your energy to be replenished each night. However, another alternative is to completely soak up the party spirit in Mykonos and Santorini, and then visit the tranquil island of Folegandros where you can completely unwind and recap all the highlights of your previous sleepless nights.Type-of-DJ


1: Are you ready to P-A-R-T-Y?

The party never ends in Mykonos, so this should be your first stop. You can get to the ‘island of winds’ as it is known by locals either by high-speed ferry from Piraeus just under 3 hours or by a half-hour flight from Athens airport. Plan your days out so that you visit all the must see beaches at least once! Super Paradise and Paradise beaches which are located on the windy south of the island, promise dance hits and hot summer beats will get you pumped to the point that it will be impossible to stay still. The day-party people come together in a massive summer dance embrace where the icy cold cocktails and spirit shots flow in plentiful quantities to cool off the delirious clubbers. You’d better dedicate a whole day at one of these, and make no plans for the evening as Mykonian nightlife can be quite spontaneous. The town of Mykonos represents a more cosmopolitan side to partying, with world class bars and nightclubs, ranging from gay to straight and all the inbetween. Staying in the town centre or near a party beach can affect the quality of your sleep, so you are best choosing a more retreat-like location so that you can really relax uninterrupted during your party down time.10354566876_c7c903af94_k


2: Lounging…cosmopolitan style!

Next stop is the magical crescent isle of Santorini; somewhere in between Mykonos and Folegandros in terms of party attitude, this gorgeous island is a favourite for this reason as well as for its sheer, dramatic beauty. You can get to Santorini from Mykonos within 2 hours via high-speed ferry while you will not mistake the black, white and red beaches that follow suit with the colourful caldera cliffs once you get there. Perivolos beach in the area of Emporeio features a hip and trendy beach bar scene where the bars are separated from the beach via the main road. This gives beachgoers the best of both worlds as you can enjoy some relax time in the sun while warming up to join the rest of the scene. There are some more traditional tavernas on this promenade so you can grab a quick dinner before heading into to Fira, Santorini’s chora, for a casual cocktail overlooking one of the greatest vistas in the encyclopedia of Greek panoramas.

In the centre of Fira, the heartbeat of Santorini beats in deep house and lounge rhythms primarily, but, as is true with most islands, there is something for all tastes. The nights can be forever young, and they can also be long, so you can benefit from staying in the area of Akrotiri which is on the southernmost tip Santorini. Offering immaculate views from a different angle, Astarte Suites provide precious tranquil moments with a breath-taking landscape to gaze into: the dormant volcano, the famous Fira caldera and of course the heart-warming blazing sunset that paints an epic masterpiece in the sky.  10583838_10152207053876809_813653153784349847_nIMG_7303


3: Detox mode: ON

Your wellness has priority here, and this is why Folegandros appears last on our list: as a place of refuge to regain your …zen after partying! A quiet and traditional island, almost untouched by tourism, Folegandros is an ideal choice for a detox holiday. During the days you can explore traditional rural settlements and pristine beaches. Evening walks around the chora of Folegandros will absolutely charm and win you over; there is a sense of timelessness as you wander through the cobble streets, being greeted by the locals as if you are their oldest friend. Make the Design Hotel Anemi your safe-haven where everything has been set up for offering unending peace and calm in an environment of carefree elegance.Simple, luxurious lines will rest your eyes instantly amidst the rough, wild landscape while the delicious cuisine at Anemi is packed with goodness, including a private label extra virgin olive oil, Andelea. Can you think of a better way to re-energise? Wellness doesn’t stop there. You get all the fitness and leisure you can handle, available at your request including sunset yoga sessions that are guaranteed to liberate all seven of your chakras and charge your batteries, and soul! From Santorini, you can easily get to Folegandros within 18 minutes via a stunning helicopter flight. Take the opportunity to indulge in once in a lifetime, jaw-dropping visuals of the islands from above, and hurry to a world of island detox!YiannisMouzakitis





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