Dreamista Twins And Travels is one of the first greek travel blogs (est. 2014), the first about baby/toddler travel, the most popular family travel blog in the country, the only one about traveling with twins and one of the 100 most influential family travel blogs worldwide since 2018.
It offers travel inspiration through travel guides and hotel presentations, experienced and written by founder and chief editor, Anna Paparizou.
Dreamista started in October 2014. Since then, it has been nominated twice for Marie Claire Blog Awards and has been ranked in best travel blogs lists, in Greece and worldwide.
Dreamista has a large and engaged fanbase, and with 23.5K Instagram followers and 14.4K Facebook likes, it is among the 5 most popular Greek Travel Blogs and the most popular Family Travel Blog in the country.
Dreamista collaborates with travel & tourism brands, hotels, aviation and lifestyle (fashion, beauty, food, fitness), as well as everything concerning twins, babies and parenting, promising high quality content, text wise and image wise.
You can contact Dreamista at [email protected], for a custom made Media Kit and proposals.

Collaboration Opportunities
    • Advertorials: Custom content presenting your product or service in a creative way.  
    • Press Trips/Fam Trips: An all-expenses-paid trip for Anna and her family, in exchange for a well written eye-witness review on the blog of your destination, accommodation, activity, itinerary, flight, restaurant, or any other kind of related/relevant experience. The high quality imagery and videos are also shared extensively in Dreamista social media.
    • Sponsored Reviews: An extensive presentation of your product through beautiful imagery and an experience based text that highlights the rewards, in both the blog and social media, after a personal free trial.  
    • Contests: Promotion of your product or service through a Facebook content, which will be sponsored as well as shared throughout Dreamista social media and the blog.



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For more on my collaborations with local Greek brands and work I’m doing in Greek, visit this page in Greek.

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