Without a doubt, Santorini is at its peak during the recent months past. July and August bring the most visitors to Santorini’s cliffed Caldera with less people visiting in September, and even fewer in October. The mild weather of Greece makes this possible, thus prolonging the visitor season into the beginning of October. The less crowded cobblestone streets are perfect for intriguing fitness initiatives, while the less exhausting temperatures will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even more than before.

Here are three reasons to extend your holidays and visit Santorini in October.


1. Fitness initiatives

The lower temperatures give the opportunity for thrilling and exciting activities to be combined with mesmerising views. The Red Bull Art of Motion is the ultimate free running competition taking place on the first of October. It is a phenomenal parkour event that gathers observers from all over the world. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching breath-taking stunts on the glorious whitewashed rooftops of Santorini.

The Santorini Experience is a fitness event running for a second year, and invites runner enthusiasts to explore 3 routes (5 km, 10 km and 15 km) between Oia and Fira and challenges swimmers with an open water 2.5 km distance between the volcano and the old port of Fira. It is recommended that you complete some running training before participating, as for beginner runners the natural landscape can be a bit of a challenge.pexels-photo-52584


2. Less crowds and better rates

Get lost in the awesome sunset views of Oia without the hordes of people clamouring the narrow streets. Explore the streets at your pace, and visit that spot you’ve always had your eyes on, but couldn’t manage to get 5 minutes alone there. The archeological sites, stores, shops, bars and restaurants are all still open so you actually get the best of both worlds.
During October which is considered off peak season, you can find affordable rates to reach the stunning Santorini. Santorini has an international airport that connects it to various destinations; Ryanair is offering special rates and more flights during the beginning of October. If you are to reach Santorini by sea, Blue Star Ferries are offering half off on their rates as well.s


3. Relax like summer, even in October

Don’t be afraid to…shift your spirit to summer mode, even in October! Choose a stunning hotel such as Santorini Secret Suites & Spa in Oia, that are also proud sponsors of the Santorini Experience event. Customised spa treatments are tailored to your specific needs in the privacy of your suite or villa, so you can relax beyond a shadow of a doubt. Soak up the sun rays on your terrace without the exhausting heat making it unbearable as it often is in August. Breathe in the crisp clean air and recharge your senses by the purity of the atmosphere.MASSAGE 5




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