Why Do People Insult Twin Moms? – Greece Edition

Αpparently, getting pregnant with twins, giving birth to twins, breast/bottle feeding twins, raising twins, traveling with twins and strolling with twins freaks out people. And it looks like they feel they need to talk to us and, in many occasions, insult us.
We’ve travelled extensively in Greece and I stroll with them every day. They say that Greeks love kids. Well, they don’t love moms as much, I can tell you that! Sometimes, they come to me with the sweetest of words. Sometimes, they don’t. Here’s 18 of the most inconsiderate things people have told me around the country, just because I have twins:



1. It’s going to be hard for you with two boys…

(On Lesvos island)
Hard to stay strong with all their hugs and love? Give me that!


2. I barely manage with one!

(At the playground)
I believe we are all equally strong.



3. They’re used to slaps because they’re twins

(At the playground)
I didn’t realize this one until hours later. Apparently, my Orpheas had hit her boy. So she figured that since they are two, they hit each other all the time. Weeks later, her boy pushed Orpheas to the ground.



4. / “Do you give away one?” “No…” “Let’s see what you think when they’re 6 yo”

(At the super market on Skyros island)
You really don’t have to talk to me, people.



5. By a pregnant lady carrying one baby: “Thank goodness I only carry one!”

(In Mani)
I blame it on her pregnancy brains.



6. Are they twins?

Why not?
If only I had a penny for every time someone asked me that! I just reply “yes” and walk away with a smile.



7. How is life with twins?

No one really knows.
How is life with one? Or with triplets? With three kids? With twins and then twins. It’s crazy.



8. I bet the tallest was born first

Trust me, those 2 to 15 minutes difference are not enough for the “oldest” to be taller.



9. I bet this one is the smart/naughty/sleepy/sloth one!

One glance at someone and you have a conclusion? Wow, you’re good. But wrong. And in any case, I won’t label or compare my kids like ever.

10. How can you possibly have enough milk for two (still, with such small boobs, even though my daughter in law has few milk and I am there all the time to bottle feed them)?

(Ιn Nafplio)
I am not a bottle and my nipples are not pacifiers.
I think breastfeeding must be taught in school.



11. While they were separated in NICU: “In Sweden, twins are kept in joined incubators and parents stay in the same room with them in hospital until the babies are released”

(On the phone)
It’s usually the case that things in Sweden are better than in Greece. There was surely nothing I could do to improve the situation in NICU or change their policies during the time my twins were hospitalized. So please choose to tell me something that won’t make me feel like I’m not offering my babies the best while they’re kept away from me.



12. Are they both yours?

(In Monemvasia)
No, I bought a twin stroller to travel with mine and the neighbor’s baby.



13. Is this stroller any good?

(At Porto Heli)
For two kids, it’s perfect. For one, it sucks big time.


14. Oh my! Do they cry, wake and eat at the same time?

(At Xylokastro)
No, luckily not always, yes.
And that’s all very fortunate! Imagine feeding them at different times, I wouldn’t be doing anything else all day. They don’t always wake together, so I get to enjoy them one at a time. And of course they don’t cry at the same time, since they don’t have the same needs.



15. How is tandem nursing even possible?

(On Tinos island)
Let me show you…
Or you can look it up on Google images!



16. It’s hard with one baby, can you imagine with two?

(All the time)
Thanks, mom.
I’m struggling to “imagine”, but how it is with one. Not two. That, I know.



​17. Random grandma to her grandchild: “Look at her, she’s got two babies! Do you want to ask her if she’ll give us one? She doesn’t want it, she already has one too many! You don’t want it? Hahah! Maria (her daughter)), he doesn’t want another baby. Why, child? Oh, it’s bad, isn’t it? Yes, babies are bad, we don’t want this or any other”

(In Pylos)
I unfortunately understand Greek. 



18. Let ME feed them

(Random childless old lady at the tavern in Lafkos village)
They don’t eat because they’re not hungry, not because I’m doing something wrong. “Everybody keeps telling me that their kids always eat when I feed her!” Good for you with that unusual talent, but my kids are perfectly capable of eating on their own.



Do mums with no twins get so harassed? Or people think we are too tired to answer back?  What is the most annoying/embarrassing/weird thing people have told you when they see you with your kid(s)?





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