Traveling, especially traveling with babies, even more so with twins, needs perfect preparation – especially during flu season. We need to pack more than we think we need, and the same goes for medicines. Both for us and for our babies. Because we must feel ok to care for our little ones.
Below, you can find our packing list for medicines, so that you don’t have to go look for painkillers while your baby is burning from fever in a hotel room somewhere.



Travel first aid kit for babies

1. Plenty of saline water ampules, especially if you’re traveling between Fall and Spring.
2. Some boxes of sterile gauze
3. A bottle of baby pain/fever killer
4. Some syringes to count the dosage
5. Something for mosquito bites if you’re traveling during summer and
6. Mosquito repellent
7. Something for all other kinds of bites, if you’re going camping
8. Something for insect infected allergies
9. Thermometer. A must wherever and whenever you’re traveling




Travel first aid kit for parents

1. Your favorite pain killers
2. Your favorite pastilles for a sore throat
3. Something for food allergies
4. Something to calm your stomach when you’ve had to much to eat



What else is in your travel first aid kit? How do you pack it all to save space?



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