I live in Athens, a metropolitan, ancient city, capital of a european country. Yet, the more I look for activities ideal for my under 3 years old twins, the more I find that there aren’t many. Sure, we can go to the few baby playgrounds or the park. We can stroll around or go to the beach or baby theater. But it seems that most activities are available for kids over 3 years old. So I couldn’t help but wonder: is it like that in other cities around the world? So, I turned to international family travel bloggers and mom bloggers with young toddlers, 18-36 months old and let them tell me what they do with their kids in their cities or towns. The goal? To compile a list of toddler friendly cities and find out how you can entertain your toddlers when you travel!
Corina from Packed Again was the first to respond. She has boy/girl twins, now 3,5 years old, they live in a mountain village in Switzerland and they have a blast there. (They also have a blast traveling to far away places, but more on that on her own blog).


Corina’s Family

We’re a family of four, dad, mum and 3-year-old twins, living in the most amazing Valais village up the mountain in Nendaz, Switzerland. We travel a lot and blog about it. But when we are not somewhere around the globe we’re lucky to live in a great area which has much to offer for outdoor families.
We believe in the motto “the easier the better” and this counts pretty much for everything. Then when the kids are happy, we are as well. We also like to be outside, it is mostly free and the kids can learn a lot from the nature they grow up in.


A perfect day in Nendaz Mountain

A perfect day out with the kids in the mountains normally starts with a great breakfast at home. When everybody is ready and a picnic is packed we make our way to the station and one of our favourite places is up by the Lake Noir. This involves a ride in a cable car which is half the excitement for the little ones. A great play area awaits when exiting the cable car, but we try always to go straight down to the lake and look for frogs, Salamander and other eerie creatures we can find. This way the little hike back up to the playground gives them some willpower to manage the hill with their little mountaineering legs.

Where to eat with kids

By the play area is a mountain restaurant so if you’re not a picnic fan you can enjoy lunch there whilst the little ones play where you have an eye on them. Nobody will say anything if the kids are not sitting still at the table.
Alternatively, there is a great restaurant at the bottom of the cable car “Les Etagnes” which also has a play area and the owners have 5 kids themselves, so are pretty much used to having kids running around.


Activities for toddlers in Nendaz

As Nendaz is more a mountain active village we definitely recommend to try the different mountain peaks, reachable by chairlifts and cable cars in season. Each summit has a restaurant and a play area for the kids. This gives the parents the beautiful views and mountain feeling and for the toddler’s fresh air and some mountain activities. During the summer months, there is an outdoor heated swimming pool available. Nendaz is not far away from the Valais Capital, Sion. If you prefer some museums, there is the nature museum in the old part of the city and on rainy days you can always enjoy one of the many thermal baths the area has on offer, most of them with kids facilities.


Family Friendly Accommodation in Vallais

If you’re looking for comfort and a quiet location, a great accommodation for a family with kids is Chalet Cygnet operated by Alpine Comfort. An amazing stylish mountain chalet perfectly adapted for families with toddlers. Kids equipment is available on request so there is no need to bring all the bits and bobs with you.



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