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Justine from Latitude 41 is a mom of three, a girl age 9, a boy age 6 and another boy age 2 (like my boys). They live in Barcelona, the best European city to live if you ask me. It’s sunny year round, the food is awesome, the mentality is mediterranean, the architecture is among the best I’ve seen, there’s tons to do and see, it’s people friendly, pedestrian friendly, stroller friendly and, as Justine presents below, it’s super toddler friendly too!


1. Where do you live? Which part of Barcelona?

I live in Barcelona, Spain, near Poblenou which is a district that doesn’t have tons of tourists. I like it like that! My 3 kids were all born here and I love exploring the city with them. With my eldest being 9 years old, you can understand that I’ve been everywhere with one, some or all of them and I can recommend several toddler friendly things one can enjoy here.


2. How does a perfect day out with your kids look like?

A perfect day would be going up to the Castle of Montjuic and seeing all the views of the city and the Barcelona port. Then we would go have a picnic lunch somewhere on the hilly lawn. The kids could run around the Jardins de Joan Brossa, a park with monuments, playgrounds, and gardens. It’s really refreshing to be here because it’s not so crowded! Then we’d go to the nearby Poble Espanyol, which is a small replica of famous cities and villages throughout Spain. There’s an entry fee, but it’s really fun to go discover the streets and shops. Afterward, we’d head to the Ciutadella Park and sit on the grass to people-watch or row a small boat on the lake. The park is in the central of the city, but it’s pretty relaxing.


3. What are your favorite toddler friendly restaurants and cafes in Barcelona?

One of my favorite restaurants is Bar del Convent, which is great for toddlers. They have a designated space for kids that has toys and games. They also have a large, beautiful patio outside so they can run around while you sit at your table and enjoy your meal.
Granja La Nena is also a nice café with a nostalgic flair. Its specialty is hot chocolate and pastries. They don’t have a dedicated kids’ section, but they have a few toys that kids can bring to the table. But honestly, you can pretty much take your small kids almost anywhere in Barcelona because kids are an accepted part of the culture!
For an ice cream stop, I love the 100-year-old ice cream shop, Tio Ché. You can order a tiny ice cream cone that fits inside a toddler’s fist.


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Summer’s here and Barcelona’s beach isn’t that badly packed yet. Saw some Swedish girls turning red but they were enjoying all the sun ☀ ☀ Bring on the tan!!

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4. What would you recommend to a family traveling with young toddlers in Barcelona?

Park Guell is the first on my list! It’s a colorful park of swirly passageways, vibrant tile work, and gingerbread houses.
Ciutadella Park, as I mentioned, is a fun park with 3 playgrounds, a small lake to row boats, a huge mammoth statue, and a large zoo inside.
Mar Bella Beach is a fantastic beach to take the kids because it has a huge climbing frame and a large slide on the sand.
There’s also another playground nearby on the Rambla de Poblenou, which is another pleasant promenade with shops and restaurants to walk down after your time at the beach.
I have to mention Las Ramblas. an iconic and somewhat chaotic street, but the kids will have fun watching the human statues.


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My #2 is 5 years old today 🙂 I remember feeling ecstatic + my heart filling with LOVE the moment he was born. We love you, my cuddlebuns ❤️❤️❤️

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5. As a travel blogger living in Barcelona, do you know of any toddler friendly hotels?

The K and K Barcelona hotel is a fantastic place to stay because it has a rooftop pool for the kids to go swimming. Plus it’s near the Barcelona Zoo, Ciutadella Park, and the beach. They even have family rooms and even a room of three twin beds.


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