Athens Airport is new, newly renovated, easy to navigate, with the cheapest duty free shops I’ve ever come across, and, as I recently discovered, it also has some cool shops with Greek Designers brands. Did I mention how family friendly it is?

So, if you have a transit in Athens or you’re planning to visit Greece and depart from Athens Airport, read on!


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Beauty & Fashion at Athens Airport

I used to be the kind of girl who could actually spend half her travel budget at the duty free shops before even boarding the plane to my destination. I could (and did) wait till my next flight to buy my favorite luxury mascara duty-free. And as I had discovered (the hard way), it is better to buy my goodies before leaving Athens, since Changi airport or Fiumicino for example don’t have what I like or they do, but not as inexpensive.
I may not spend as much on myself since I became a mother of twins. But I still try to save money from the family budget by buying my favorite beauty products at Athens Airport. Plus, moms deserve a lot of fun where they can get it! And Athens Airport is the best at it. The fashion stores are a sight for sore eyes. And oh my! my eyes are sore! Pinko, Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Folli Follie… just to name a few, not to mention the beauty parlor of course… On our recent visit at the airport, I also discovered a new gem, The Greek Designers Shop, where the coolest local fashion and accessories brands feature their best, most travelous and oh so hellenic products.
Dreamista Tip: Leave your husband with the kids at the children’s area while you explore the fashion and beauty department, stroller, carrier and crying free. You very well deserve it! At the end of the day, your pocket too 😉


Where to Eat at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport

There are of course plenty of options, but I recommend La Pasteria. It’s a traditional italian restaurant with branches all over Athens, so I know it, I love it and I trust it. What sets it apart is its location at Athens Airport. It’s located on the transit floor, next to the children’s area and the museum. It is remote, quiet and spacious, exactly what a family needs! Did I mention the airplane views? My boys stayed quiet for a very long time (4 minutes), watching the planes taking off and landing. And as for the food, at La Pasteria they are going to really take care of you. The beer and wine selection is perfect, the pasta and pizza are traditional and with the best local ingredients. Both my twins love pasta and George enjoys a pizza slice now and then. The desserts are amazing as well and there are baby seats, too.
Dreamista Tip: Try the bruschette and the tiramisu. They are to die for! 


Family Fun Before Boarding

There’s so much to do, see and buy for kids at Athens Airport, so I’ll try to write them down in the most organized way I can find while the sitter is keeping my toddlers happily busy.

Children’s Area: It is located on the transit floor. It is a small colorful room full of toys, operated by the non profit organization The Smile Of The Child, which I know and support with donations pretty often. There is a sitter there, but a parent needs to be there too. Shoes are off in the play area, where your kids will have the opportunity to play with kids from all over the world. My twins shared toys with the cutest 2,5 yo Peruvian boy named Calel. He was on a travel spree all over Europe with his very cool Inca parents who were very much enjoying their kid, each other and their well deserved gap year.
Public Stores: I know and love them, as there’s one store 5 minutes walk from our apartment (where I got my boys their first baby books). Public Stores at Athens Airport have kids books and toys ideal for air travel: coloring books, small toys without many pieces and small sized booklets. What I really love are the ancient Greece themed kids books. The Odyssey for kids, an illustrated book series with Greek Myths and the stories of Aesopus should be top on your list if you are traveling to or from Greece with kids 🙂
The Cartoon Store: Because we are humans. And mothers. And we may be travelers, but that doesn’t mean we are always the best packers. We are doomed to forget things. This is why Athens Airport has the Cartoon store, for parents who have forgotten (?) to pack toys, some clothes, bottles or bags for their offsprings. And how will the above mentioned offsprings stay busy during the flight? The answer to that question comes from Cartoon, Public Stores, but also
WHSmith: which has a few aces up its sleeve, as well. Here you can find more coloring books and small toys. As well as international press and books for you once the toddlers are occupied.
The Duty Free: Luckily (or not?), my toddlers are not yet seduced by chocolate treats. But if this is your secret, you will find lots of ways to seduce your kids here. With chocolate treats from all over the world. Well, ok, Europe. Which has some of the best chocolate bars ever.
The Museum: Ok. That doesn’t sound like tons of fun, I admit. But it is interesting and you can actually spend 1-3 minutes strolling around the antiquities. Especially since the children’s area is right next door.
Changing Room: It’s right on the departures floor, pretty easy to locate but discreet too. Apart from the obvious changing table and nursing chair (though you should know that you can freely breastfeed your baby-toddler wherever you want in Greece), there’s also a bed, if your kid wants some piece and quiet.


If you need more information about visiting the Athens Airport with kids, visit their website or contact them here.



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