Summer means sea, sun and a little bit of romance is always welcome. Summer … lovin’ may happen fast, but choose the right location to spend your summer with your significant others, and summer lovin’ will last. Add one more factor that comes to complete a summer romance: a phenomenal view that will feed your soul and relax your mind instantly. Wake up together to mesmerising views, and live your romantic myth in Greece.


Absolute privacy and top facilities in Crete’s Elounda

Elounda is a exquisite location in the North east coast of Crete, an island that is considered to be the most autonomous of all the Greek islands. One of the most picture perfect gulfs can be found in Elounda, with views that are truly satisfying.
Remote, and pristine, the area of Elounda is a perfect example of a romantic retreat with phenomenal views. The best way to experience Elounda is by selecting a sea view venue on the Mirabello Gulf, offering sublime Mediterranean vistas that will accompany you in all the entirety of your stay. For extra privacy at Elounda, choose a gorgeous suite or villa that offer the amenities of 5 star hotel. Wake up to your private aquatic horizon and spend your days relaxed in the sun. While the suites enjoy the main pool, private pools are available in villas if you simply cannot wait to cool off on the private beach, accessed by special transfer, in under 10 minutes.

Combining a fantastic location with top-notch services will immensely raise the bar of your summer romance. As Elounda Gulf is a tried and tested romantic destination, there are special couples options available to make your romantic summer holiday, even more precious. In room breakfast, allows for linger on and sleep in mornings. Private dining can be arranged on your private terrace, and you can be sure to be tasting only the best of Greek and Mediterranean flavours with a personal chef taking care of all the gastronomical details. Finally, luxurious spa sessions are offered in the in-house spa, however, this too can be arranged to absolute privacy levels, in suite or in villa. Suitable for families too, your children are taken care of by professional childcare experts, so you can achieve the optimal holiday: a romantic summer, with a view, and your family!private-beach summer romance with a view


Your romantic secret in Santorini

The mecca of romance, honeymoons and loved-up couples is undoubtedly the stunning island of Santorini. The crescent shape of the island that resembles a half-moon, the dormant volcanic rock responsible for its staggering, extra terrestrial beauty, and the sky to sea curtain that is painted a myriad shades of orange, purple, fuchsia and blue effortlessly cultivate one thing: romance.

The vibrant caldera is where it’s all happening tending to be a bit overwhelming for couples who value privacy. It is a good location for nights out, however, the prime location of Oia is actually better for couples who crave private moments, that are combined with views that are to die for.

Without exaggeration, Oia boasts the most beautiful of sunsets, being visited by many who wish to catch a glimpse of the fading sun. Beat the crowds and stay at one place that vows to keep your romance with a view, a safe kept secret. Private terraces are a standard, secluded by the hustle and bustle of the otherwise touristic spot of Oia, your rooms are tucked away in the stratas, while outdoor private pools and jacuzzis are definite plus on the romance meter.

Santorini Secret gastronomical highlights also include a food tasting service that is arranged by request, where you’ll get a tailor made menu showcasing only the best and interesting ingredients coming together in a playful dance of taste! Also arranged privately, a candlelight dining experience on your personal balcony, while you indulge in the cliff views will create a sense of euphoria for the lucky couple.summer romance with a view summer romance with a view


Your ticket to a smooth sailing couple’s paradise

Summer romance with a view can be as diverse as you like. And one of the best horizons and sunsets you can ever experience are those from sea level.

The sense of freedom you experience by walking up at sea every day, to new, tantalising landscapes, cultures, images and scents will easily instill a newfound appreciation for sailing, with the right conditions. A boutique cruise liner can offer many enticing options for a summer or winter trip that guarantees the view, and privacy elements hands down. Seychelles is one of the most sought-after destinations for a romantic break, and why not cruise around all the unspoilt locations with ease and comfort rather than staying stagnant in one place?

From Praslin to Mahe and from Silhouette island to La Digue, these phenomenal islets are waiting for couples to find their own personal paradise on their shores. Take advantage of a cruise and get to see them all! Privacy is guaranteed in your personal cabin, as for the breath-taking views, they are available on deck, as well as from your cabin window (depending on category). Now that privacy and mesmerising views are guaranteed, the romance bit is up to you.summer romance with a view


Which will be your summer view?



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