Looking for alternative baby friendly destinations for summer in Greece, we were introduced to South Pelion, a lush part of Greece that has been on our radar for quite some time now. We’ve traveled extensively in Pelion. And since we’ve been with the twins (see here) to the mountain, it was time we checked out the sea too.


Lafkos Village

We stayed in Lafkos village, which I recommend for your accommodation too. It is family friendly, quiet and isolated, the perfect spot to cool off during the summer months, yet close enough to all the nice beaches of the area. Last but not least, it is quaint and cuter than any beach front enclave.
Laflos is a large enough village. It features a central square, typical Greek and very traditional, with its church, its old cafe and its very old and huge tree. It’s where everybody gets together before dark, to relax and enjoy the breeze. Its people are friendly. So friendly that travelers from all over the world choose it as a home away from home. Italians, Austrians, Brits and Germans have bought their own piece of heaven here, picturesque houses with the cutest front yards. The architecture is just dreamy and everywhere you look at, Lafkos is picture perfect! Especially when there is some view to the bay!


Things to do in Lafkos

It may seem like a quiet uninhabited village, but there is so much to do in Lafkos!

  • Fabio museum of sculptures is right next to the church
  • The church is awesome!
  • You have to stroll around the cobblestone alleys like every day. Take in the architecture and admire the gardens
  • Look for Esmé, a Brit who spends her time making art here
  • Check out Magda’s souvlaki joint and her vast collection of aprons from around the world
  • Just across the street, there is a airplane figure lab – and you can play with them just outside the village!
  • Right next to it, there is this old wood bakery that will be your favorite spot everyday. Come in the morning, to see up to 200 loafs of bread being baked!
  • Last but not least, meet Maria from Nature Seminars, organize baby friendly hikes and learn about local herbs. You can even enjoy a veggie picnic!



Lafkos is situated close to both the Pagasitikos Bay and the Aegean sea. So within a few minutes, you can go to the beaches of the one or the other, depending on how the wind blows.


Where to Eat

The central square Lafkos is the place to be if you want to enjoy some quality local cuisine. This is where everything is at: the traditional cafe, two amazing taverns and grill places. Around the square, there is also the bakery, Irene’s souvlaki place, mini markets and Nature Seminars local herbs and souvenirs shop.
We enjoyed all our meals while there at Drosia tavern (with a view to the bay) and Afroditi’s, who will both take care of you as if you’re invited for a family festive dinner. I recommend the beans and the octopus at Drosia. At Afroditi, look for pork!


Where to Stay

We stayed at Esperos Suites & Villas, which I have written more about here.



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* Our stay at Lafkos village was part of our family press trip organized by tourism officials of South Pelion. The opinions expressed are, as always, personal and sincere.



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