It is known that Greece has many incredible destinations to discover; from the islands to the mainland, coast to coast there are wonderful coves that harbour pristine beaches, and shores that hide ancient settlements, revealing the cultural identity that it so interwoven in the Greece of today. Greece combines so many enjoyable experiences that it is a shame to choose one over the other. So in light of this, it is not only possible, but actually quite alluring that one can visit the highlights of Greece’s antiquity while cruising. This way you can get ahead of summer on board, while you travel from one location to the next.

Discovering the cultural spots of the Peloponnese has never been easier, or smoother, as with Variety Cruises and their Antiquity to Byzantium cruise. Visit the Greek sanctuaries of the Byzantium era while exploring the three of the most iconic places in the Peloponnese, by taking the optional excursions: Palaia Epidaurus a prominent city of the past and home to two ancient theatres. Nafplion is a gorgeous stone city right on the seaside, featuring the impressive Palamidi castle but even more impressive is the ancient settlement of regal status. Mycenae, called the city ‘rich in gold’ by the famous Homer, is enchanting featuring Lion’s Gate, the Palace, a tomb and the museum. Olympia is your next stop to discover the city that bore the Olympic Games. The Temple of Hera and Zeus the Philippeion exude a spiritual energy that will not leave you unaffected.

This, and much more awaits to be uncovered, if you decide to embark upon a cultural sea voyage that will provide you with visuals that will enrich your soul, and will become etched in your mind for year to come.



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