It is not easy to travel with twins and even a short road trip with babies has many challenges. Luckily for you, we’ve been in like 12 road trips with our twins so far and have a few handy tips to share.


1. Travel at nap time. We always leave right after breakfast, as this is when we go for our walk every day and the twins nap in their stroller. My husband has alreadly packed the car, so we just wear the babies, carry our personal bags and leave.
2. They should be fed and changed right before we leave, too. 
3. We stop every 2 hours, to change their diapers, breastfeed/snack/drink water. A road trip with babies is always slow…
4. I always pack their favorite toys. When they were very little, it was chew rings and ding dong toys to calm them down. Now it’s their books and stuffed animals. 
5. Bags, wet nappies and a change of clothes is always handy too, although I’ve only experience car sickness once.
6. If you have twins too and you stop for a nappy change somewhere with no diaper room, you are going to have to do it in the car on the one seat that is free.
7. If your twins are under 1 and you need to breastfeed them at the same time on your twin breastfeeding pillow, the carseat(s) on the back must be removed.
8. Keep in mind that both pediatricians and car manufacturers advice that kids’ car seats face backwards at least until the age of 2,5.
9. We keep one twin on the front seat and one on the back with me sitting on the back too keeping an eye on the both of them. The Swedes always come last on deadly car crashes with kids on board and even if they only have one kid, they sit him on the front. It is considered to be the safest seat for a child facing backwards, given of course the air bags are off.
10. When I drive alone with the twins, I use a back seat mirror to check on the baby who sits alone on the back seat. Which is usually the sleepy-head.
11. If you have two baby seats on the back seat and they both face backwards, get two such mirrors. The older they get, the more likely it is to kick the mirror though.
12. Get two small travel strollers or a tiny little double stroller, so that they/it fit(s) into your trunk together with all your luggage. A road trip with babies is never light…
13. In any case, the diaper bag, a personal bag, a toy bag and a snack bag should be in the cabin near you.
14. The older they get, the less they nap on the road. They will want to see outside their window, it’s more likely they get tired or car-sick and you might need to stop every 30 minutes. Be flexible with your schedule so that you have time to let them play outside, sit some place to enjoy a meal and unwind.

Enjoy the ride!


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