We recently traveled to the UK with our then 2y7m old twins. Flights are tricky as we all know, as they require smart packing, a lot of thinking and the ability to be fast and effective. We didn’t pack much, just as much as we could carry actually. And since we also have to carry the boys, this isn’t much. We are far more comfortable with road trips, so we gave this a lot of thinking and we tried to be as light as possible.


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How much luggage for 4 nights and 4 people?

A big roller bag, 4 small hand bags, the smallest twin stroller out there (Holiday Double by Britax) and our Stokke prampack.
Now, let’s see how we fit everything in there:


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Having our twin stroller broken on our first flight with our baby boys, we found that the best way to stay safe is flying with @stokkebaby #prampack ✈💺 It’s huge (it even fits our everyday double stroller) and it has metal strings all around to make sure your pram gets to our destination in one piece. We travelled with a small twin stroller this time around, so there was lots of space left in the bag for diapers and our jackets, for even more support 😉 It’s also @ryanair and @norwegianair approved! #flightTips #babyproducts #traveltips @athensairport #travelwithtwins #TravelwithToddlers #productsfortwins #safeflight #stokkebaby #stokke #stokkeprampack #DreamistaxStokke #DreamistaMom #dreamistaflying

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Twins’s Things

1. Diapers: We counted the days, the diapers they usually use per day per kid and multiplied by 2. Ok, I may have got 2-3 plus, just to be on the safe side.

2. Jackets: We didn’t use our jackets in Athens as it was pretty hot and since we only needed them in the UK, they were placed in the stroller basket and when the basket was folded, we placed them in the prampack with it.

3. Double stroller: Our travel stroller is probably the smallest and lightest out there. It folds with one hand and it manoevers easily too. I’ve heard that it can even be accepted as hand luggage in some airlines!

4. Stokke prampack: is in any case a must. Especially since we knew that our holiday double stroller wouldn’t be accepted as hand luggage. And since we knew we wouldn’t want our jackets on board (not enough space), we used the extra space to fold them inside too for extra protection.

5. 4 small hand luggage: everything we need for the airport and the flight. Money, passports, snacks, books, new toys for the kids, my pashmina to keep them warm if needed. – We bought our new toys from the airport – see what and where here.

6. Clothes and shoes: just one outfit per day and one per of shoes each. Nothing more.

7. Cosmetics: all in travel size, put together with ours.

8. Travel first aid kit

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A family of four, four nights abroad, 1 bag, 1 #prampack, 1 #travelstroller (#holidaydouble by @britaxgr) and 4 #handluggage; we don’t #travellight anymore, but we could do worse 😉 . . . #attheairport #familytravel #travelwithtoddlers #TravelwithTwins #dreamistatwins #DreamistaMom #motherhood #travelmadfam #LifeWellTraveled #lifewithtwins #momlife #twinmomlife #twinboys #twintoddlers #twinmom #packingtips Βρείτε το υπερ-καρότσι μας (οδηγιέται και διπλώνει με ένα χέρι και πιάνει λιγότερο χώρο από μόνα ταξιδιωτικά καρότσια) στο @public_stores #marketplace! #publicistasGreece #DreamistaPUBLICista

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Our things..

Ever since we started traveling as a family, we quickly realized that we couldn’t pack as much any more. We are more people now, but can actually carry a lot less. So we pack less for us. We are far more versatile with what we are wearing on the road and more compact in every level.

Clothes – Even though I am a blogger and I love posing in outfits on location, I pack less than I need. I actually pack exactly as much as I need, but I end up with the same outfits over and over again in photos – which is good if you’re a traveler, bad if you’re a blogger 😉
So if we are going away for 4 nights, I calculate the amount of outfits I am going to need. For example. two for the traveling days, one for each breakfast, one for each dinner and one for each day traveling on location. That makes 14 outfits. But it doesn’t necessarily mean 28 items of clothing and 14 pairs of shoes. I rarely pack more than one pair of shoes for myself. And I always make smart combinations, pack clothes in matching colors and manage to put in my bag 6 blouses, 2 pairs of pants, two skirs,  2 dresses and 3 tights that all go well together.
Cosmetics – We make sure not to pack products the hotel provides for us and we tend to pack travel size products, even if it’s just a mascara. I also like packing almost empty bottles, so that I keep my bag light and my bag back home lighter 😉

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