On our second time at Zagorochoria Greece, we were lucky enough to be looking for family friendly accommodation – and lucky enough to find one that is friendly for parents as well as kids! Kipi Suites is lovely and we highy recommend it anyone who wishes to explore this lovely rural area with kids.


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About Kipi Suites

Kipi Suites is built on two old cottages that date back to 1840. Which makes this boutique hotel one of the oldest building I’ve ever stayed at.
The engineer who loved this place enough to restore the cottages and build a hotel next to them, kept the old walls, the local stone, the cellar. And around them, he built 8 spacious suites, always preserving the characteristic architecture of Zagori and using the stone and wood of the area. He maintained the style and color, to create Kipi Suites in perfect harmony with the mansions that surround it, its dark roofs taking you back in time. At the same time, the hotel has unobstructed views to Mitsikeli mountain, the river and Mill bridge, as well as Plakida bridge.  The mountain is colored from the sun, hidden by clouds, sparkling under the rain, creating an ever changing scenery around Kipi Suites.



Why Kipi Suites is family friendly

Like most hotels, Kipi Suites offers suites for 3-5 guests, as well as suites for 2. All 8 rooms are suites, with a sitting area, 1-2 fireplaces – perfect for couples, I admit. Which means that you won’t necessarily find another family to hang, but there’s enough suites for you and your friends and your kids’ friends 😉

1. There are spacious suites and maisonettes. Which practically means you can stay in a suite with a separate bedroom with 2 double rooms and a fireplace, and after the kids fall asleep, enjoy your wine in the sitting room next to yet another fireplace. Or in a maisonette with the bedroom being in a separate floor. Or even in an open plan suite with a double bed, two sofa beds next to the fireplace, a huge bathroom with jacuzzi and rain shower. Some suites feature a Nespresso machine and all have lots of closet space, traditional windows overlooking the mountains and a modern minimal design and decor.

2. There are meals. Breakfast is awesome. Fresh marmelades, homemade pies and apple pie, fresh fruits, different kinds of breakfast cereals,  nuts, eggs, local bread. Extra meals are also served if you wish, for example yogurt with honey, warm milk, some meze for your wine, sandwiches for the kids. The best part? Baby meals can be prepared from scratch or heated for free, which makes your stay with babies very comfortable.

3. There are travel cots. Because babies are more than welcome and stay for free, as well as their siblins up to 12 years of age.

4. There’s a bar with a sitting area and board games. It’s available for all guests, there’s a fireplace, alcohol and meze are served here, the music is great and you can easily skip a night out, to just stay here and enjoy some hygge with the kids. Plus, it’s so fun playing board games with 5 year olds!

5. There’s parking space available free of charge. Something we know all to well as parents of two is how important it actually is to park right outside your door. Especially if it’s raining. Especially after a long journey. Even more so if our stay involves lots of driving.

6. Because it’s eco-friendly. As parents of young kids, we are grateful when our hotel takes some measure towards the protection of the environment they will live at long after our generation is gone. Kipi Suites is based on sustainable design and is built with environmentally friendly materials such as stone and wood. It is also equipped with modern water saving systems, consumes exclusively green energy, offering environmentally friendly solutions for various amenities such as linen and cleaning products. At the same time, photovoltaic panels have been installed to generate electricity. Last but not least, an Electric Vehicle charging station is installed in the hotel in cooperation with EV Loader, which is already active. The station is available for reservations at evloader.com.



Why our stay at Kipi village in Zagorochoria is ideal with kids

At the same time, we think that Kipi village is probably the best choice for families who want to explore Zagori. Kipi is a typical Zagori village, with its car-free cobblestone alleys, perfect for easy walks with the kids. Restaurants and the bakery are easily accessible by car though, as well as Kipi Suites.

One thing I haven’t noticed about any other village around here is that Kipi is within walking distance from three very old stone-built bridges, real gems of the area, Vikaki and Plakida to your right and Mill bridge to your left. There are also trail paths leaving from both Plakida and Mill bridges.

And even though Zagori villages are known for their remoteness, Kipi village is located just 35 minutes from Giannena city from an interstate.  Monodendri village is the more central village around here, with dining options, souvenir shops and of course the Vikos gorge and the Stone Forest in close proximity. And it’s just 25 minutes away from Kipi Suites. Car free Dilofo is just 15 minutes away. Kapesovo and its traditional stone square is just 20 minutes away. Vradeto, where a 35 minute trail leaves for a perfect gorge view, is 30 minutes drive away. Elafotopos, Vitsa, Ano Pedina, Koukouli, Gyftokabos are all very cute villages and they are even closer. Aristi is 40 minutes away, gorgous Papigo or Konitsa just over an hours. Amazing Metsovo is 1,5 hours from Kipi and it’s the perfect day trip.
If you stay longer, we totally recommend remote Vovousa village in Eastern Zagori. It’s 1 hour 45 minutes away, but it’s possibly the only greek village with a river and a bridge in the middle of it.


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