Oslo With Toddlers

Τέτοια εποχή είχα επισκεφτεί το Όσλο για πρώτη φορά, με λεωφορείο είχα πάει από τη Σουηδία όπου ήμουν φοιτήτρια. Σήμερα, παίρνω ιδέες για ένα ταξίδι στο Όσλο με νήπια πια, μέσα από τα μάτια μιας οικογένειας bloggers που μένουν εκεί και προτείνουν τα καλύτερα για οικογένειες με μικρά παιδιά.

First time I visited Oslo it was on a day like today, a cold December, by bus from Sweden where I was a stundent. Today, Zenab and Terje guide us through Oslo with the help of their toddlers. They live in the capital of Norway and they recommend the best in their city for families with young kids.


About Us

We are a family of four who loves to travel. Zenab and Terje Ahmad are experienced travelers and have visited more than 50 countries and lived in 5 different countries on 3 continents. We have two girls aged two and four. The two year old have been in more than 10 countries and visited European and Asian countries in addition to 3 months in Africa this summer. The big sister has been to the same places in addition to the USA, Myanmar and a few more European countries. We are teachers in Oslo and love our city and country.


About Oslo

Since we are not tourists in Oslo we are not used to seeing as much as possible in a short period of time, but we’ll try to give some ideas of what to do and why you should go to Oslo.
First of all Norway is expensive. Accommodation and eating out is normally of good quality, but not at all cheap. Also, since Norway is far to the north what to do might differ depending on the season. In the winter it is not uncommon with temperatures down towards minus 10 degrees Celsius and it is normally a few days a year that is colder than this. In the summer it can be up to 30 degrees Celsius.
Oslo is as far as we know the biggest capital in the world and most of it is not populated. If you like hiking it’s many possibilities both with and without a stroller. If you come to Oslo on a Sunday you will most likely see more people on the tracks in the nature than in the main streets.
The entire city is safe and there are no areas not suited for travelling with kids, all hotels offering breakfast will be a good choice for a family and you’ll not find better breakfast than on a Norwegian hotel. The area around the Opera House has most modern architecture, Grünerløkka has most variety in shops and restaurants and Majorstuen has most exclusive shops. Buses with child seats run to the airport from many places in town and makes it possible to stay almost anywhere in town.

Oslo is VERY family friendly

Another great thing about going to Oslo with toddlers is that it’s a very child friendly city. All public transport is easy available with a stroller, playgrounds are everywhere and if you visit during a weekend all kindergardens are also open to public.
Our experience from travelling a lot is that the kids are happy as long as we find a playground. Oslo has a lot and you’ll find them anywhere. That means the parents can find out what they want to see and then find a playground nearby to play before or after.
Almost every café or restaurant will have baby chair, children menu and a place to change diapers. Hotels will also have everything you need for your kids. Diapers is the only cheap thing in Norway and can be found in every grocery store. Big grocery stores are available everywhere and open from early morning till late night expect Sundays where only small ones are open.


How to eat on a budget in Oslo

If you have a limited budget we recommend to buy some of your food at a grocery store and eat in one of the many nice parks.


Free things to do in Oslo with kids

On the other hand, many fantastic places are free to see, like the Opera House, Vigelandsparken or Botanical Garden. If your kids are more than 3 years they might enjoy a visit to the Natural History Museum inside the Botanical Garden or Technical Museum at Kjelsås.



The perfect day in Oslo with toddlers

If we are to describe the perfect day in Oslo you have to be outside.
Summer – In the summer a visit to Hovedøya or some of the other islands is a good option with a child friendly beach and the boat is a part of the local transportation system. It’s free for kids and about 3 Euro for adults. (the ticket last one hour and is valid for bus, tram, subway and boats).
Spring – In the spring and summer we would go to the Botanical Gardens or Vigelandsparken.
Fall – if you come in the autumn a trip in the nature would be beautiful, Sognsvann is easy to reach by subway and has a paved track taking about 30 minutes to walk around the lake.
Winter – If you come in the winter you should take your kids to a park, make holes in a plastic bag for their feet and put it on like a shorts and slide down a snowy slope or build a snowman.  


Ideal Day Trips from Oslo with toddlers 

We think Oslo has a lot to offer for anyone and would not recommend to go on a day trip anywhere else if you don’t have a very specific interest, but if you have more than one day to spare train journey or road trip to Bergen, Åndalsnes or Trondheim might give you an experience of the amazing Norwegian nature.  







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