I love traveling and I travel any chance possible. This is exactly why at some point I had to find a way not to gain weight while traveling, and at the same time to enjoy the local culinary experience as well. Yes. It can be done!


1. Of course you’ll taste all local delicacies while traveling! That goes without saying. But… if you’re traveling in your own country, let’s be honest, you’ll have tasted everything new during the first couple of days. During the rest of your stay, you can be more careful about the fat in the foods you take in.

2. How? The rule is simple: never eat more that you can. For me, 3 meals a day is enough. Breakfast: either you stay at a hotel or you rent an apartment, stick to a glass of water, a fruit and either milk and cereal or bread with cheese or eggs. Trust me, it’s enough.

Your lunch should be something light and fast, something that can fill you up during sightseeing or sunbathing: a fruit salad or a chicken salad, fresh small fish with salad or even a light sandwich. Make sure to include some local delicacies in your lunch. For example, some local fruits or cheese.

As for dinner, try not to overdo it. A steak with fresh salad and one or two glasses of wine should suffice. Local delights should also be a priority but remember never to order more than you can eat. For example, if it’s just two of you, you shouldn’t order more that 3 dishes (two main dishes and a fresh salad) or 4 mezes (tapas). Now that we’ve set this straight, traditional food can be a priority.


3. If you want to snack in between your 3 meals, make sure it’s local fresh fruit or fresh juices. This is also a good time to add some local food in your diet, for example, dried fruits (Bali), guacamole (Mexico), lassa (India), pomegranate juice (Turkey), gelato (Italia), falafel (Lebanon), strudel (Austria), pretzel (Germany) etc., but in small quantities.

4. It’s good to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. This is also a golden rule to beat jetlag and also to avoid dehydration on the beach, but it also helps you to maintain your weight and some healthy habits while traveling.

5. Don’t be a… sunbed potato while on your beach travels. There are so many activities to do including: snorkeling, swimming, hiking, that can keep you fit even when you’re away from the gym! But even if you walk or swim a lot, it doesn’t mean you should eat more later on that day. Have balance: be active enough and eat healthily, and you can even lose weight while traveling!

+1 I know, I know… it’s your vacay! You can eat like a robot and you are bound to make nutritional mistakes. Especially if you travel to some culinary paradise, such as Italy or Crete! This is exactly why juice detox exists: to help you get back on track after traveling. I’ve tried and totally recommend Verve juices, the healthiest, tastiest, coolest way to start eating healthily and on a schedule when you’re back!




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