The first time I laid eyes on El Castillo it was on a Instagram post. I got so jealous of that beauty that I never thought I’d ever go there. Yet, Dreams Come True!


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Tulum town is a small and ugly stop on the highway. But it’s so much more than meets the eye! It features one of the most famous beaches in the world, with white sand as far as the eye can see, cabanas hidden among the coconut trees, low key bars, juice joints and cool restaurants on the waterfront. But it’s its archeological site that made it so famous.IMG_3205

And these ruins are actually my favorite in the whole world. Why? Well because they overlook the tropical Caribbean sea! Tulum Archeological site is like a huge green park with coconut trees and exotic plants, where iguanas have been the rulers ever since the Mayan downfall. The Caribbean blue view though doesn’t stop at El Castillo. There are actually two white sand beaches perched between the majestic rocks of the castle, one of which is accessible for a swim with a view to bygone eras. And just the thought that this is where Mayas first caught a glimpse of the conquistadors sailing towards them, in a time when they thought they were the only men on earth and that there was no other land but their own, well… that’s really something!IMG_3188

See our Instagram moments in Tulum here








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