This September found us road tripping through Southern Peloponnese with our twin babies. Mani and Pylos were our destinations of choice. My article on Mani is soon to come. Pylos is first on the menu:



Τhe area of Pylos is a beautiful part of Messenia, Greece. Green hills even in the summer attest rich flora, while the historical towns and the ancient monument abound. Last but not least, the golden coastline and the interesting natural surroundings attract travelers both seeking to relax or explore.
It’s an almost 4 hours drive from Athens, but you can also fly to the airport of Kalamata.
5 nights might not be enough here, because there’s plenty to see and do, especially during the warm months, May to October.



Definitely the best accommodation option is Costa Navarino. Especially if you have kids. And if you don’t. Because there are day trips organized from here that will guide you to explore in depth the area. Also, the best and most diverse eating options in Pylos are here. Swimming pools for the not so warm days. Breakfast choices that cover all palettes. And the best sunset in the area. And so many more.


Yalova Lagoon

It is a truly awesome, quiet and beautiful place. The beach just across the lagoon is protected, golden and stunning, with a great view to Pylos town. Yalova is ideal for bicycle rides, as the road is flat and surrounded by beautiful nature.
Yalova is ideal for families with babies therefore, since the bicycle ride is fairly easy even with a baby on it and the sea is shallow with soft sand.


Voidokilia Beach

The ultimate must-see of the area is even more stunning up-close. You won’t see it’s semi-circle shape when you visit it, as it’s only visible from above. But you’ll be left to admire the golden sand, the crystal clear sea, the exotic rock formations.
Even if I prefer the lush hills and the olive tree forests of Messenia, I have to admit that Voidokilia beach is really something. 


Pylos Town

Pylos is a cute coastal town, perched on a hill and strategically built on a port enclosed by huge rocky islets. The castle is worth a visit, for the great views from the Acropolis and the traditional church. Ι also recommend the traditional village cooking trip organized by Costa Navarino in a quaint local house.
Τhe town life moves around the central square, which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, which are all pretty family friendly.


Methoni Castle

Methoni is a small-long town, whose edge ends on the castle. It is actually stunning to look at from afar, especially when the sun sets behind it. Wear your babies and explore the castle, walk through the narrow pathway among the sea and enter the fortress. It’s beautiful!
There are few food options here, not so baby friendly though. We were there late September and no tavern had more than 1 baby seat. The beach is next to the castle so it’s beautiful, and shallow, for kids. 


Finikounta Beach

Finikounta is a small tourist town. 100% focused on beach vacation, as its coast is golden and friendly. There are tons of small accommodation options here, as well as taverns. It attracts mainly families with babies or young children.


This is what we had time to visit with our twin babies. But if you have more time and kids that are interested in exploring, follow the day trips organized for Costa Navarino residents and visit also Polylimnio waterfalls, Neda waterfalls, Nestor’s Palace and Koroni Castle.


What else did you see and liked in Pylos area?


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