Nowhere in Greece is it so special as it is in Crete – and no other place there has such a special place in my heart as its South! Here are my top5 spots in Southern Crete through 25photos that will make you book your next trip now!



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1. Easy Living at Sougia

Hippies from all over the world gather in this village of Chania county, to enjoy the great nudist beach and delish cretan cuisine by the water. This is where Ulisses met the giant Polyphemus and this might be your first hike while here.
Family Friendly? Totally, since the beach has pebbles and the taverns are right on it. The biggest hotel is also accessible to strollers and the village is so small, it’s walkable.
Sougia Beach (3) Sougia Beach (2)


2. Exotic Elafonisi

Elafonisi in Chania county is one of my favorite beaches in the whole world. Its pink sandy beach drenched in tiny sea shells and its crystal azure waters are a dream come true. But what makes it special is its morphology, consisting of small beaches and a tiny island you can walk to!
Family Friendly? Yes, mainly on the central beach, which is sandy and organized. Shallow waters help too.

Elafonisi Crete (6)


3. The famous Samaria Gorge

The most famous trail in Greece is also the most organized and easy to hike. You’re gonna love the breathtaking cliffs surrounding the gorge, and adore the cool breeze and the cold waters on the beach at its end!
Family Friendly? It’s actually 100% organized, so it’d be great fun for kids. But not for parents who would want to carry their babies, since there are parts where you’ll need to climb a bit.

Samaria Gorge (3) Samaria Gorge (2)



4. The Magic of Preveli

Definitely one of the most unique greek beaches, Preveli in Rethymno takes its name from a nearby monastery worth a visit. After, take the steps down to this sandy beach and get blown away by its scenery with palm trees and a magic river that flows all the way from the mountain.
Family Friendly? Yes!

Preveli Crete (2) Preveli Crete (1)


5. The Hippie Enclave of Matala

Once a famous hippie enclave, Matala in Rethymno preserves its secluded charm along with remnants of a bygone era on its unique rock formations that used to host psychedelic parties. It’s still a must-visit, for its sandy beach, cave explorations and a sunset unlike any other.
Family Friendly? The beach is organized and sandy, and there are taverns on it too.

Matala Crete (1) Matala Crete (4)



What do you love more in Southern Crete?



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