Holistic wellness happens when your body, mind and spirit are in balance. If one part is compromised, then, the others will be affected. Holistic Wellness is therefore a feeling of total well­being.

We live in a time when the erratic rhythms of modern life can often frustrate us, stress us and antagonise us. And it becomes increasingly difficult to manage everything optimally.

The key to holistic wellness and well­being is tackling these negative emotions, if not being able to eradicate them completely.

It is not always easy to integrate holistic wellness into your daily or weekly routine; This is why it is so beneficial to combine the goal of holistic wellness with a holiday, when you can easily find the time, to find yourself.


Where to achieve Holistic Wellness: 2+1 incredible Greek horizons

Privacy is the key factor here. You need to be in a place where you can focus and concentrate on yourself, without too many external influences to distract you from your purpose. But what if you were to combine magnificent surroundings with guaranteed privacy?

Here are some phenomenal locations, 2 Greek island destinations plus 1 mainland location, that are guaranteed to elevate your holistic wellness experience by offering mesmerising surroundings and bespoke services that will amplify your efforts towards achieving holistic wellness…


1. Santorini

The most astonishing sunset, in an oasis of elegance.

In the crown jewel of the Cyclades cluster, Andronis Luxury Suites located in Santorini’s vibrant Oia and perched on the volcanic remnant of the Caldera cliff, is where holistic wellness dreams are meant to come true…02

Peculiarly built into the rock of the Caldera, the luxurious, cave­like suites will soothe your senses, giving you the distinct feeling of being in your own private luxe retreat, in your own private world of serenity. Once you walk out to your exclusive veranda, the natural landscape creates a multi­tiered plateau of terraces, each lavished with immaculate views of the ancient volcano, and drenched in the fiery warmth of the fading sun…

Your private terrace becomes the setting for serene seclusion and your holistic wellness begins: pause, take a deep breath and capture the feeling of bliss in a moment, in every moment. Expert spa treatments and Thai massages are available, indoor or outdoor, so you can make your choice depending on your mood and needs.02 (copy)

The spectacular Cave pools are a force to be experienced. They provide an indoor safe-­haven of wellness, and although they are enclosed and so do not have the amazing open air views and sense of freedom associated with the external infinity pools and jacuzzis of other suite types, swimming in your own personal cave pool will create an unprecedented sense of tranquil euphoria while you undergo some subtle introspection, in absolute peace and quiet.drz-0405 drz-0710-2


2. Folegandros

Fitness & Leisure, with pleasure!
This quaint and quieter island is the living manifestation of Greek island traditions co­existing with boutique provisions.YiannisMouzakitis6043

Anemi Hotel is a real gem in Folegandros; the island, to a great extent, has been untouched by mass tourism. So, for the guest who does not want to sacrifice 5 star luxury amenities in the name of a more traditional destination, Anemi Hotel is the best contender for a meaningful holistic holiday. A proud member of Design Hotels, the aesthetic of the hotel will entice you to explore it’s every hidden crevice.YiannisMouzakitisIMG_2304SPA 4In perfect harmony with the natural surroundings and in line with Folegandros’ natural landscape, the premises enjoys beautiful sea views and has a very strong wellness orientation.

Your fitness & leisure is treated with pleasure, providing guests some truly beneficial wellness options. Apart from featuring the only tennis court on the island, trainers for Yoga, Pilates and TRX are available at guests’ request, with Yoga in particular being the main focus. Instructors practice three different types of flow yoga: Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar, all aimed at increased flexibility, balance and strengthening of joints, ligaments and muscle groups. Yoga sessions are practiced outdoors in the fresh open air, breathing in all the Mediterranean goodness, with the highlight being the sunset yoga session, for the most epic of sun salutations.
Sessions can be arranged on a one ­on­ one basis or by group, and the level is adjusted to suit the participant(s), in this way maximising your potential practice. What’s more is that Anemi Hotel is offering group yoga sessions ‘The White Experience’, as part of a package, this summer.


+1 Halkidiki

Combine holistic wellness with hot springs & take it to the next level!SPA1

One mainland location that is worthy of being mentioned in any wellness list is of course Halkidiki and, specifically, the recently launched dreamy Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort.

In the peninsula of Kassandra, you will be able to find a Greek paradise of tranquility and serenity, with a state­ of ­the ­art Thermal Spa dedicated to integrating all the elements of wellness with the aim of promoting optimal well­-being of mind and body. The modern marina acts as an extension to the seafront, making the horizon reminiscent of a fluid playground for yachts and sailboats.HEALTH 01

This holistic wellness sanctuary is equipped with all the professional treatment tools and spa services that come together, in you, for the ultimate sense of rejuvenation which is the result of achieving holistic wellness being belief.

A multitude of specialised services are available ranging from spa experiences, to therapies to treatments, to body rituals and their intensive Thalasso journey course, as well as a Health Bar offering energy ­boosting smoothies. The Fitness & Motion club is also part of the Myrthia Thermal spa, with fitness specialists who will evaluate each individual (lifestyle, behavioral patterns and personal goals) before commencing any physical program. This way you can be sure to have the best of both worlds, as your mind and body are in expert hands.


Stay Well & Travel

Holistic wellness is becoming an increasingly important need at the heart of the present­day individual; whatever our profession and/or schedule, we should pause and think about our wellness… damage control. Best practice, of course, is to be able to incorporate holistic wellness into our everyday lives, but fortunately, there will always be holidays… During this sacred period, seize the opportunity to travel to mesmerising destinations, that will boost your holistic wellness from the core, revitalising your senses, rejuvenating your body and reigniting your soul…




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