Our flights to and from Luton, UK were not the easiest situation we’ve gone through as parents of twin toddlers… Our first flight with them was not easy either (crying, a broken stroller and not being able to stand as they were lap babies, to sum it up). And it was just under an hour and the babies were 8 months old… So 2 almost 4 hour flights with cranky toddlers is understood to have not gone smoothly.


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What made our flights easier

1.Having the smallest double stroller out there helps. Our holiday double by Britax weighs a bit over 10 kilos and can be back carried.
2. Our Prampack by Stokke to make sure said stroller arrives in one piece. Britax is too small for the stokke prampack, so we filled it with diaper bags on the way to Luton and our jackets on the way back.
3. My ergobaby. George might be to heavy for me, but Orpheas still loves it. And given that there were stairs from the airport to the airplane and up the aircraft in both our flights, it came in pretty handy.
4. New, small, travel toys. So important to keep them busy and excited!
5. Their favorite netflix shows downloaded.
6. Kid interface on my hubby’s cell phone. They liked it!
7. More snacks than I though we’d need.
8. My woolen pashmina (in the winter. In the summer: sarong). Orpheas got cozy and slept the whole flight back. Εqually, I opt to travel with pants in the winter and long dresses in the summer, such as this green snake print flare sleeve maxi dress keelee.
9. Traveling at nap time. Orpheas napped the whole flight back and 35 minutes before landing to Luton. George slept the whole time while we were at Luton airport. Having to care for just one twin is priceless.


What made our flights difficult

1. Traveling at nap time! Before Orpheas actually slept on our flight to Luton, he was so crazy. George was sleepy too but didn’t sleep, so he was crazy too.
2. They didn’t read any of our books. I just carried them around.
3. Ryanair’s aircraft broken window. I had a great view, I admit. But the sun was vicious.
4. George not wanting to sit, get buckled up or stay still on take-off and landing on our flight back. That was a nasty experience. He threw a huge tantrum both times and we were almost told out off the aircraft.
5. George not wanting to sit on the stroller when we got to Luton or Athens airport. He finally sat on our luggage and was happily carried.
6. Not being given our stroller at the aircraft door when we landed at Athens airport. It would be nice to not wear Orpheas and for Costas to not try and figure out how to carry 16 kilos George around the vast airport.
7. The flight duration 4 hours with 2 monkeys… Not again. Not any time soon.


Any expert tips on how to enjoy our next flights with our crazy twins?



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