Probably the most charming seaside town in mainland Greece, Kardamyli features some high end shopping, fine dining, amazing gelato and a friendly square for playtime next to the playground and the central church – all in a quaint town with amazing traditional architecture. The area near it boasts a stunning coastline, while its Old Town is filled with stone byzantine chapels, lovely blooming courtyards, proud towers from the 1700s perfectly restored, some you can visit, some you can stay at! We stayed in one of those with kids in July 2022. Petreas Tower is in the heart of Old Town, with a 360 view to towers, olive groves, Taygetos mountain and the messinian sea.



Petreas Tower

Built in 1790, Petreas Tower has a long history. It was a fortress first, then it was abandoned and half of it was torn down in time. The rest was used as a summer residence for Petreas family, until it was renovated by the family in 2007 and ended up as a luxurious property for rent – lucky us. The ministry of Culture took over the design and the renovation, while the restoration was supervised by the archeology department of Kalamata city.

The Tower was restored with respect to its history and the way it was used in bygone eras. You’ll see the crossbows or loopholes, stones that have been here since the 18th century, wooden furniture that have belonged to the Petreas family for generations, traditional ebroidery, historic ceramics.

Built with soil and stone from the area, the tower is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. It’s also one with the neighborhood and the nearby buildings, their courtyards and the towers, since the stones the Tower is built from are the same ones that have built the alleys and the historical monuments around.

The Tower features two picture perfect courtyards itself, welcoming the visitor both from the back entrance at the stone-built alley and from the front entrace through a system of stone stairs, arcs and wooden doors that will wow your little ones. The views are uninterrupted all the way to the sea, the towers of the Old Town and the olive groves all around.

The Tower consists of two buildings built together side by side, the tower and the house. Both entrances are from the two courtyards, with the main one leading you to the basement, where the fully equipped kitchen, the study with the historical books and the bathroom with the washing machine are. Right upstairs, you’ll find the second bathroom, the living room and the master bedroom. In there, you’ll find a wooden staircase that will take you to the top of the house, where a hidden rooftop patio lies with breathtaking 360 views!

Right next to the living room, stone stairs connect this house with the tower, where you’ll find the two smaller bedrooms (one with 2 single beds and one with a double one), separated into two floors, one above the other. The one on the top floor has some stunning views. All bedrooms feature wooden closets and mirrors, as well as a minimal decor you’ll all love.



How family friendly is it staying in a Tower?

Petreas Tower is ideal for families with kids over 8 years old, as it is built in a way that can be enjoyed by families with kids this age.

What makes towers special, in my opinion, is that, since they are actually historical monuments where we are lucky enough to spend some nights at, they have preserved all their character. Petreas Tower used to be a fortress and the room they used to keep the ammunition is now a basement between the two buildings, where there is a sofa accessible by stairs built in 1790. For those of us looking for some space to enjoy family moments of both fun and quiet, there are two courtyards with shade and views.

There are 3 bedrooms, which make the Tower ideal for a family with up to 4 kids over the age of 8. The 3 bedrooms are located on 3 separate floors, with the kids rooms being on the tower and the master in the main building. The two buildings are internally connected with stone staircases from the 18th century. Our twins slept in the master bedroom next to the living room and the bathroom, making themselves overly comfortable on one whole floor, where the living room became their play room and reading room, with the kids books they discovered in the library!

Older kids will definitely appreciate the privacy of the two kids rooms, their distance from the parents in the master, their amazing views, the secret bedroom upstares and the loopholes where the first residents of the tower used to fight from. They will also appreciate the old furniture which will travel them back in time; there’s no risk of breaking anything or hurting themselves, as everything is oval and wooden – nothing made of glass here.

Parents will appreciate the fully equipped kitchen, the fridge filled with water and juice as a welcome from the owners, the private parking and the two lovely courtyards, for some quality time with and without the kids.

For the parents lucky enough to sleep in the master, know there’s a wooden staircase leading to the rooftop patio for some stunning views!



Th location of Petreas Tower

Historic Petreas Tower is located right in the heart of Old Town Kardamyli, next to Mourtzinos Tower and the byzantine church, both visitable. Within 3 minutes walk you’re at the central road with the grocery shops, playground, high end shopping and souvenir stores. In another 7 minutes, you’ll find yourself at the marina where the fine dining is. 5 minutes to the other direction, lies Ritsa beach where you’ll find several beach taverns and quiet beach clubs.

We enjoyed not having to drive for our shopping and dining, but we also loved that within 6-10 minutes by car, we found two amazing coves, Foneas and Delfinia, where we could spend the whole day.

Kardamyli is ideal if you want to stay by the beach and just move around on foot. It’s also perfectly located if you want to explore Messinia. In 12 minutes you’ll find yourselves in Stoupa (town with sandy beach) and in 40 minutes you’ll reach Kitries for seafood dinners and Kalamata city for all your need. 50 minutes south you’ll get to the fish town of Limeni and quaint Areopoli for your trip down wild Laconi Mani. On your way there, you’ll make stops to some unique coves, Kalogria and Trahila, and even the secret Stone Pool.



There aren’t many towers you can stay at in Greece. Lucky for us, when they have fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 2 courtyards, it’s easy for a family to have this unique experience, staying in the most historic tower, Petreas Tower!



Our stay was complimentary in collaboration with Aria Hotels. As always, all opinions are personal and honest.

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