Everyone, meet Family Hotels Greece, my new baby! A new website, the first and only presenting excusively family friendly, toddler friendly and baby friendly properties around Greece. Family Hotels Greece is my second “child”, the little siblin Dreamista Twins & Travels has been asking for. After 4+ years exploring with the twins, we’ve stayed in plenty of hotels, airbnbs, guesthouses, enough to make this new step.


I have to admit the timing has been weird. With schools closed 3 out of 4 months it took me to bring this baby to life, it means that I had to work with the kids at home, before cooking, after homeschooling and in between snacks, book readings and long walks with the twins. I mean, I’ve been working on my own job, Dreamista and the new website and almost everything I make, I give to the sitter, so, no the timing is the worst.

But an idea can come in the weirdest times, right? I was walking to the kids’ school when it hit me, running to pick them up. A week later, schools closed… But the idea was there. I ran it to my husband, we talked long and hard and it seemed solid.

Although, again thanks to the timing, we couldn’t explore as much as we are used to, hence we couldn’t visit any of the magnificent hotels I’ve been discovering. Covid restrictions kept us home for over 6 months, but it seems that we are back on track, as we are visiting 3 new properties already in June! For your information, hotels featuring the badge “Dreamista Approved” are properties we’ve visited. The rest, are approved by friends, parents and other bloggers.

But if I can do all that with the kids at home, imagine what I can do working full time!

And the same goes for everyone I’m working with: hoteliers kept away from their properties to stay with their kids, marketing managers of huge brands working from home with their kids, pr managers bringing their twins to work, pregnant mothers who replied to my emails right after I received their pregnancy “away” emails, lady bosses who just gave birth, mothers working and suffering from mastitis at the same time… Because covid is just one of the obstacles we all can/have to overcome to make wonders 🙂

As you can see, I believe in the people I work with. I believe in their work, their brands, their properties, their work ethics. Family Hotels Greece is not only the first website presenting and promoting family friendly accommodation in Greece. It’s also a hard worked project, materialised in one of the most difficult circumstances of our adult lives. And it’s wonderful, like its people and their properties!








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