Family Holidays in Armenia

In search of a new destination for family holidays, we have found a very interesting country. Armenia is one of the oldest Christian countries in the South Caucasus hidden in the high mountains. Why Armenia? First of all, it is a perfect place for the lovers of the mountains, pure nature and ancient architectural masterpieces. Moreover, Armenia is one of the safest countries with a low crime rate. It is one of the most important factors for a family holiday, isn’t it? Well, now let’s find out what can be found in Armenia. There are so many amazing historical monuments but we will leave them for the next time. For now let’s check out the top 10 interesting things to do in Armenia with family and kids.


1. Skiing

Armenia is beautiful all year around. You can find interests depending on the time of year. If you are planning to visit Armenia in winter, make sure to take your ski suits and warm clothes, because we are heading to the mountains.
Tsaghkadzor is the most popular ski resort in the country. In the modern resort town you will find anything you need for a comfortable stay like luxury hotels, cottages, guest houses, restaurants and cafes.
The ski center is located on the slopes of Mount Teghenis. At the peak of Mount Teghenis you will have a wonderful view of the mountain peaks and Mount Ararat. The height of the top point of skiing is 2819 meters, the total length of the ski track is 7200 meters. On the slopes there is a modern three-stage cable car with a length of 4500 meters. The slopes are divided into levels. The lower slopes are suitable for children and beginners. There is also a separate freeride track for professionals.


2. Lake holidays

Despite the fact that Armenia has no direct access to the sea, it is quite possible to have a beach holiday on Lake Sevan. Armenians call the lake Geghama tsov (Geghama Sea), and it really looks like a sea. Sevan is the largest freshwater lake in the CIS, occupying an area of ​​1,416 sq. km. The lake is located at an altitude of 1916 meters. On one side the lake is surrounded by the Geghama Range.
In summer, Sevan is the most popular holiday destination for the locals and guests. The weather is hot, the water is a little cool and just perfect to get refreshed on a hot summer day. There is always something interesting you can do on Lake Sevan like trekking to Azhdahak Mountain, trekking in Sevan national park, exploring medieval monasteries, tasting local trout and whitefish, paragliding, water activities and much more.


3. One day with dinosaurs

Children do love movies and cartoons about dinosaurs, but Dinosaur Park (Nork, G. Hovsepyan St., 24/1) will be a real adventure for the whole family. The dinosaurs in the “Jurassic” scared and killed people while Dinoland dinosaurs look really cute and they are absolutely friendly. Animated dinosaurs move through the park, blink, carry eggs and make sounds. The heights of dinosaurs may reach up to seven meters. You can touch and even ride them. For adults, this is a great place to spend time with children.


4. Entertainment

Another great way to spend time with your family is an entertainment center with so many interesting attractions for both children and adults. The largest entertainment center in Yerevan is Play City with various attractions, karting, paintball and a children’s cafe.


5. Trekking in the mountains

Family holidays are not just about having fun and going for shopping. We do understand that children feel more comfortable in similar places yet they will get much more being closer to the nature. Armenia has great potential in terms of trekking and camping. The best place for a family holiday and trekking in the mountains is the resort town of Dilijan. It is surrounded by coniferous forests and mountains, there is Parz Lake with fascinating beauty not far from the resort. The surrounding forest is reflected in the clear waters of the lake, it is very beautiful on the shore and you can enjoy a picnic or even camping on Lake Parz.


6. Eco tour with children

Your children will be so much grateful if you teach them to love nature and keep it clean. The whole world and in particular Armenia are now trying their best to clean and protect the nature. In this terms eco-tourism is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Eco-tourism is also actively developing in Armenia and there are really cool eco-camps suitable for family holidays. One of the popular places is “HyeLandz Eco Village Resort” were guests are allowed to gather fruits and vegetables in the garden, to milk goats and cows. All these will be a great experience for children and parents.


7. Fairy tale in a park

Yerevan is a beautiful city, and everyone will agree. Adults may enjoy time walking about the streets of Yerevan, but children will quickly get bored with it. For a family holiday in Yerevan there is a very beautiful park Yeraz. In winter, the park turns into a real fairy tale with the house of Santa Claus, the elves making toys, Mrs. Claus baking delicious cookies and preparing hot chocolate. As soon as the sun goes down the festive lights of the park are turned on. Each year, on the grand opening Santa comes down from the roof on his sleigh with reindeer.


8. A day in a children’s Town

In the world of adults, children are sometimes lost and cannot fully express themselves. This is why Citizen, city for children is such a wonderful place. Citizen is a city of professions where children are free to make their own decisions. This is a real city with streets and buildings. There is a school, bank, hospital, police station, 911, beauty salon, municipality, etc. Children choose professions, earn money and decide how to spend them. This is a unique experience to communicate with other children. They learn to be independent and make decisions.
In Citizen there are no game machines and games that can socially isolate children. It does not promote violence and cruelty. Citizen is a safe city for children, where they will definitely learn something new.


9. Nice time in a cafe

Armenia is considered very comfortable country for tourists in terms of services. In cafes and restaurants there is a children’s corner where they can play while parents enjoy a cup of coffee. There are also very interesting cafes for children, where adults will enjoy the time spent around children. Your princess will definitely love Berlin café where everything is so pinky and fluffy.


10. Shopping with children

There are several large shopping centers in Yerevan, and a huge number of shops and boutiques. Shopping center with a game machines, a cinema, a cafe and a children’s room is the best choice.
The largest shopping center in Yerevan is Dalma Garden Mall. There are well-known brands for the whole family, as well as products of Armenian manufacturers. On the second floor of Dalma Garden Mall there is an interesting Trampline park Jump & Smile. Children have so much fun jumping on the trampolines. Also on the second floor there is a cinema, Play Lab, food court and a children’s room.
Those who are looking for a dose of adrenaline may visit Zoolandina Exotarium in Rio Mall. Children may touch snakes, lizards, watch kangaroos, wild pigs, parrots and other animals.




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