Last weekend, we were lucky enough to visit again Leonidio town with our twins. It’s our second time here and now that we’ve found Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse, we know we’ll come back.



Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse Location

Family Friendly Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse is smartly located halfway between Leonidio town and Plaka beach, right on the central road that connects the two. It’s 5 minutes drive away from Leonidio, to be accurate, that quaint old town on the foot of majestic rock. And 3 minutes drive away from Plaka, a family orianted enclave by the sea. It’s also 3+ hours away from Athens. It’s highway all the way to Argos. Then the road gets swirly, but the views to Myrtoan sea on your left and Parnonas mountain on your right will make it up for you.


Family Friendly Agroktima Guesthouse

Family Oriented
Agroktima might be the family friendliest accommodation we’ve ever stayed at. That’s because it consists of detached or semi-detached houses spotted on the green grass around a wide estate. It’s also because all houses are ground floored, so they have direct access to the huge garden through their own yard. Most importantly, because there is actually the best playground in the whole area here, just steps away from your house’s door!
The private parking is also right outside the estate’s door.
There are also small beds or cots/cribs available.
Last but not least, breakfast is served every morning, which is not common in self catered villas with kitchen.

Smart House Plan
All houses are groun floor, which means they have their own yards and direct access to the garden. The inside areas are seperated in levels, with the kitchen, dining area and bathroom being on the ground floor. A few steps up is the living area/kids’s room, with a fireplace and a large patio. There’s also an entrance on this level. While the master bedroom with the boudoir and the closet are all upstairs.

Warm Decor
Rock and wood based, the traditional houses of Agroktima Guesthouse blend beautifully in the local architecture and natural element. The furniture are wooden and elaborate, while the stone walls naturally control the temperature inside. Wooden windows with traditional while embroidered curtains let the sunlight in during the day and the moonlight in while you’re calmly sleeping.

Eat in
The kitchens are fully equipped with cutlery, a large fridge, stove and oven, boiler and lemon squeez. And since you can find anything you need to prepare your own meals in Leonidio, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy all outside and inside dining areas! I totally recommend the large dining tables situated on the grass under the trees.

Every morning at around 8:00, a basket filled with local products is delivered to your doorstep. Fresh eggs, fresh fruits, cake, local honely, homemade marmelage, yogurt with cereal in a jar, cheese pie… Perfect for breakfast served in your front yard or even to be enjoyed as snacks throughout the day.

The Playground
I reserved the best for the end. The large green spaces of Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse hide the best playground around Leonidio. It’s 5-10 steps away from the houses and the wooden toys under the trees’ thich shade are perfect for all ages.
What a great opportunity to meet other parents who stay next to you! And what a great way to entertain your kids while here!

To cut a long story short, Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse is a place where you can walk barefoot, both inside and outside your house. At least I did. And the twins. It’s an awesome place to connect with nature, with the garden right at your doorstep. It’s also the ultimate family destination, hence next time, we’ll travel with some friends with kids! We’ll stay in houses next to one another. We’ll have breakfast together under the tree while our kids roam free in the estate. We’ll go to the beach and then come back to cook in our kitchens and enjoy lunch in the shade. Our kids will enjoy the playground while we chat beer at hand. And the next day, all the same, with short road trips around one of the most idyllic sceneries of Greece:


Leonidio Town

Just 5 minutes away from Agroktima, lays Leonidio. The distances are so short here that a woman who talked to us on Plaka beach told me she used to stroll from Leonidio to Plaka with her baby on the stroller.
It might not be as safe nowadays, but there are lots who cycle the way and Agroktima offers bicycles, too!
Leonidio is in the heart of Tsakonia, an area of Greece so in-accessible that they speak a different dialect – hence the double written signs you’ll see.
It’s so quaint here. The town itself is built in stone and perched half on a lush hill and half on the foot of a steep red rock watching over the area.


Kosmas Village

If you keep on driving through Leonidio leaving the coast behind you, you’ll end up roaming in Parnonas mountain. Follow the signs to Kosmas village and don’t forget to look around and up to catch a glimpse of a white monastery hidden on a rock up high.
Kosmas village is famous for its galaktobureko, a local milk pastry. You can’s miss it, it’s served in the one and only dessert cafe right on the square. I really like the flower-power church and my husband, as always, didn’t miss on the opportunity to get some local honey. This is something I always recommend in such quaint mountain villages: buy some homemade marmelage or spoon dessert and don’t skip the herbs! Also, don’t miss the chance to lunch here, as the greek cuisine is not just seafood and greek salad.
it was lovely coming here on a rainy day in July and really took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds: the beach and the mountain life, just minutes from each other.
By the way, the drive to Kosmas from Agroktima is 35 minutes.

Plaka Beach

Just a 3 minutes drive away from Agroktima and you’ll find yourself in a cute little port with a small stream. There are two beaches, one is open to the winds, half organised half not. The other one is in the port, hence calm no matter what. It’s also organised, with beach bars, sun beds and straw umbrellas through out. The sea is not shallow, but the stream ends here forming shallow little passages perfect for fun and games – but it’s cold!
The beach might not be the cutest you’ve ever seen, but Plaka is perfect for seafood lunch and cocktails on the beach at sunset with the kids playing with their bucket and spades.


Other beaches

2 summers ago, we stayed at Poulithra, the beach town right after Leonidio. The beach there is amazing, half organised half not. We had opted for the non organised part (the twins both breastfed to sleep everytime we went to the beach that summer). There are cure restaurants and family friendly taverns there. We have not explored the area as much as we’d like to, but we have also visited Tyros and Sabatisti beaches and they are both lovely.
However, the whole coast is amazing, with small lush coves being formed throughout and the rocks making the view breathtaking. The Myrtoan Sea truly is a sight for sore eyes!

Next time, we’ll stay longer and we’ll come with friends. How about you?


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While at @agroktima, I can’t help but wonder how wonderful it’d be to stay here with some friends with kids; enjoying breakfast together under that tree while all our little ones roam free around; cooking lunch together (yes, the houses have fully equipped kitchens); and gossiping under the starry sky with the kids sleeping inside. It’s the perfect place to come with friends! . . . #Agroktima #Leonidio #Plaka #Greece #familytravel #travelmadfam #travelmom #familyfriendly #agritourism #villastay #LuxuryTravel @hotelbraingroup #TravelwithTwins #travelblogger

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* This article was written after our family stay at Agroktima Guesthouse. The opinions are as always my own.


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