As the summer season comes into its own, Greece is a country that generally enjoys some very fine weather, despite some recent, minor setbacks. As a country known for its perpetual summers, this season is also considered to be high profile in terms of weddings and, consequently, bachelor and bachelorette parties that precede the important event. A bachelor/ette party gives the opportunity for bonding between friends, and a chance for them to live something sensational before one of them finally takes the … plunge into married life.

Why not go the extra mile and make it truly unforgettable? Beyond just a one night? Why not go travelling and create some indelible memories by incorporating a Greek summer favourite activity: sailing! Cruising rather, that guarantees smoother sailing as proper sailing more often entails a strong stomach. Now, it does take a fair amount of organising and planning however, deciding on destinations and a day by day (or night by night) schedule. Weddings can be handful and often become stressful to arrange anyway, so why not let a cruise expert company like Variety Cruises take care of all the details of your bachelor/ette event? They provide the perfect blend by offering boutique cruises around Greece and the Greek islands, and many more exotic destinations.

Discover a handful of destinations while you catch some sun on board while you travel with ease and safety, dip in the refreshing summer sea, indulge in private dinners on board as well as the occasional Greek entertainment night? Experience the best of each island on the cruise destination itineraries, one day at a time, and that you will never be bored on board! And the best part is, you only get to board once, and settle in your cabin for the entire duration of the journey, although you will in fact have visited at least 6 or 7 destinations. This way you can actually enjoy a relaxing vacation full of incredible, interchanging scenic vistas and quality friends’ time.


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