Discovering the gems of the Dalmatian coast on your next holiday will take you on journey through time. It will expose you to a world that is made of fortified coastal cities, stunning shores and coves, and islands so different to the textbook definition that they are simply awe inspiring. This is exactly what holidays are about these days; about bringing newfound and exciting experiences forth and being able to combine as many factors as possible, without being commonplace. So, although we have officially entered the season of Autumn, dreaming about exciting destinations  for next season or even a year ahead is always a welcoming activity for travel enthusiasts. And in fact, since this destination includes a few stops, the best way to see the most of the Dalmatian coast is by cruise.


3 plus 1 coastal cities in Dalmatia

Your starting point should be Dubrovnik city. If you haven’t visited it then you’re in for a surprise. A Medieval coastal city with evident Venetian architectural influences, it is no wonder it has been used as the main set for filming King’s Landing scenes in the sensational Game of Thrones series. The outer walls especially have been featured a lot in the saga and just by standing there you will be flooded with feelings of amazement. The pedestrian only Old Town will definitely charm you with its historic presence. Split is the second coastal city to explore. Built around the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, that dates back to 4th century A.D and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Split is the largest city of the Dalmatian coast. Sibenik is next, and is known as the city of fortresses. The most impressive is the fortress of St. Michael and offers unobstructed views of the old town and the archipelago that surrounds. Next is the bay of Kotor, the southernmost point of Dalmatia, which belongs to Montenegro and not Croatia as is the case of the other aforementioned cities. It is located in the deepest fjord of the Mediterranean, and poses an excellent opportunity to see another fortified town that is surrounded with incredible towering landscapes.


3 plus 1 islands in the Adriatic Sea

Rab is the first island on our list that will resemble the same characteristics as the coastal cities of Dalmatia. Typically Medieval and encased in city walls, the town of Rab is a small jewel that boasts a few cultural and historic monuments worth seeing: the Church of Justina, of St. John Evangelist and of St. Christopher with their bell tower ruins are three of those, as well as the Prince’s Palace and the Zidine Fortress. Hvar island is a diverse island that apart from its similar Venetian, fortified flavour, is blessed with landscapes of pine forests, vineyards, fruit orchards and lavender fields while it is home to incredible beaches, such as Jelsa, and the famous Blue Cave. Vis island, located opposite Hvar, is a small island that is filled with culture and historicity. It is an ancient city, parts of which stand until this day. The Levaman Fortress is also home to the Archaeological museum with artifacts dating back to 4th century B.C, including a bronze effigy of goddess Artemis. Last but not least, Korcula island, another historic place, that shares heritage from Greece, Roman times, Byzantine then followed by Venetian rule. A beautiful island city, filled with enchanting visuals. as for exploring the outskirts, Lumbarda is a nearby village that is known for its white wine varieties and is an excellent excursion to take if a wine tour is something that interests you.

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