When it comes to preparing for a cruise trip, packing is different… more summery, as comfortable as possible and with tons of colour. It is perhaps the only time that you already know the background colours of the landscapes you will be meeting, and so you already suspect what kind of garments will feature nicely on your Instagram feed – this is why your excitement begins well before you set sail!

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Packing Rules

What to include in your suitcase:

1. Many light, long sleeve tops that will match up nicely with your long trousers and your shorts – so that you don’t overpack.

2. A jean jacket for those breezy nights. It is an easy win as it goes well with maxi dresses and shorts!

3. 1-2 tunics with a trois-quattres sleeve. Especially if you are going on a sailing trip, you should take more than 3, as they are very convenient to wear over your bathing suit.

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4. 1 maxi dress, without sleeves. Ideally, not ankle length so that you avoid tripping. You can combine it nicely with sandals and your straw bag for strolling round the island, and your jeans jacket on board.

5. 1 pair of jeans for those breezy nights… Choose those that match your jean jacket.

6. 1-2 light, wide-leg pants/culottes/pajama style trousers, depending on the duration of your trip. They better match your tops, long sleeved or short, so that you can benefit from a number of combinations.

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7. All your bathing suits. Especially those that are suitable for sun tanning (without too many straps), but also your one-pieces for a variety of outfits in the evening. In any case, for the most part of the day you will be in a swimwsuit.

8. 2-3 pairs of shorts. They are fabulous with your one pieces and your tops for midday excursions on the island, while they are also a perfect match with your long sleeve tops for nights on board.

9. Sandals, espadrilles and hawaiianas. But not more than 5-6 pairs in total, as you don’t want to overload your luggage. Of course they should all be flats, as since islands destinations and platforms/high heels are a no-no, then they are surely not suitable for being on board.

10. At least one stunning beach towel/sharong/pastemal for you to lie on the deck in style while you work on that tan!

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Can you think of anything else?

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