On our recent trip to the English countryside, we were lucky enough to visit the glorious Cotswolds. It might be pretty weary to drive there from Chicheley Hall where we were staying, as it’s 2 hours to go and back. But it was definitely worth it. The scenery is lovely, the architecture unique and, at the end of the day, all kids fell asleep on the drive there, back, or both!


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About the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is an oh so green valley southwest of London, near Oxford. Several villages and small towns are scattered here and there, all featuring the cute architecture characteristic of the region, similar to the one you see in Oxford: old stones, stoney roofs, quaint yards and lots of moss. On our day trip there, we visited  Bourton On The Water and Bibury, through the pretty larger town of Burford. Most travel agents also suggest visiting Upper Slaughter, too, which is right next to Bourton, and both are 30 minutes away from Bibury.

There are for sure tons of travel articles to guide you around Cotswolds, should you plan to stay in the area for a few days/weeks. We were there on a day trip and didn’t stay longer than 4 hours, so this article is not a guide. It is however inspirational, urging you to take a day trip there with your kids if you’re staying relatively close, and a reason to add Cotswolds to your bucket list!


Bourton On The Water

It’s a small town that takes its charm and its name by the small river crossing her. There are tons of cute deco and souvenir shops here, traditional bakeries, quaint pubs and picturesque cafes, all on the river pathway or very near it. There are also some cobblestone alleys to explore.
I definitely recommend staying at Bourton On The Water longer during your day trip here, for sure longer than in Bibury, and even consider it for lunch or coffee.



The quintessential british countryside, the cover of thousands of Cotswolds articles, the famous Bibury is actually not worth staying for longer than 30 minutes. Or as long as it’ll take you to walk through Arlington row, snap some awesome shots, then cross the small bridge and stroll by the river all the way to the trout farm. And then make a left and then left again to find yourself up on the luxury cottages and back down to Arlington Row for some more epic shots of this amazing alley by the stream. There’s also a small village with its church and everything, but most people just come for the cute mossy cottages.


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