Recently, I was lucky enough to come across a clothing line that totally fits my travel style and Dreamista’s principles: Anywhere Apparel, a fresh New York based brand that creates outfits designed for both adventure and urban trips and for the lightest luggage ever!



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I was also lucky to be one of the first to try out this versatile top by Anywhere Apparel. This double face top can be worn Anywhere I travel in several different ways! This way, my travel bag becomes lighter and my trip becomes full of different stylish and practical outfits!


Make it Yours!

You can make my favorite Top yours with a 15% discount, using the code DREAMISTA15 here!


More about my favorite top

Reversible for multiple looks in one and designed for maximum versatility with performance fabrics designed to look non-sporty. A layered shirt tail hem flatters the female form and can be styled many ways: tuck both or one layer in for a clean look or drape loose for a more laid back vibe. Roll the sleeves for a contrast pop of color or leave them down for a classic look. Go from casual to polished with no effort. Pack less and be ready for anything. Made in N.Y.C.

Two sides with two personalities: 1) Casual: premium bamboo microstripe fabric is ultra soft and naturally odor-resistant. 2) Fancy: custom-dyed, barely-there wicking fabric is embellished with a one-of-a-kind ocean swirl embossing.


Anywhere Apparel

Clothing that has found the right balance between fashion and function as well as urban and outdoors. Today’s travelers are interested in both and Anywhere Apparel knows it. This means traveling light and packing less so you can do and see more!
The designs are travel oriented: from hidden pockets for passports and valuables to performance fabric woven to withstand lots of transit and site seeing. Clothing that is classic in style and multifunctional.
Start filling your luggage with versatile clothing that can be worn Anywhere you travel and make packing for your next trip a whole lot easier, by purchasing your own Anywhere Apparel favorites with a 15% discount, using the code DREAMISTA15!

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