Our first trip with our twin toddlers for 2018 has been to Arachova in Central Greece. We stayed at Anemolia Mountain Resort, which is just 15 walk from the center of Arachova, 10 minutes by car from the archeological zone of Delphi, ideal for a day trip to the quaint fish town of Galaxidi and Parnassos ski center!


Arachova with Babies

We went to Arachova in November and I wrote about our experience here. In short, it is not ideal for strolls, but if you wear your babies, you’ll enjoy it. There is even one smoke-free restaurant, which is a lot more than most towns in Greece… It’s just a 15 walk from Anemolia Resort, but there is also a shuttle service every night.


Delphi Archeological Site

Just 5-10 minutes drive from the resort lays the archeological site of Delphi, one of the most famous in the world (and one of my personal favorites). Wear your babies and explore the site, the temple, the theater, the oracle and the stunning views!


Parnassos Ski Center

If you are up for some skiing in Greece, Parnassos ski center is the best. Enjoy the snow, engage in some ski lessons for the little ones, or just enjoy the breathtaking views and the drive through the snowy forest. 



Just 1 hour drive from Anemolia, Galaxidi is a quaint fish town with a cute little harbor, some secluded beaches and amazing sea food at the taverns on the sea. I recommend Takis for freshness and service, as there is literally just one tavern/cafe in the whole town (as far as I know) with baby seats. Bring your own of course, bring your strollers too, as the place is ideal for strolls. 

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Agoriani Village

Ideal for strolls, this quiet little village is just minutes from Arachova, but I couldn’t recommend it for a meal, as it is difficult to find a smoke-free place here. 


Have you been in the area? Where else is baby/toddler friendly?





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