When it comes to scenic european river towns, Bruges takes the cake. Chocolate cake, apparently! Belgium expert Laura visited Bruges with kids and shares her top tips to make your stay with the little ones as dreamy as possible.
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Bruges With Kids, with Let’s Explore

Hi! I’m Laura and I live in Switzerland with my husband and our 2 children. We love exploring cultural destinations, but also like to hike in nature, and blog about our trips on Let’s Explore. Our family lives in the South of France and in the Netherlands, where I am originally from. When we go to the Netherlands to visit our family, we always drive through Belgium, and last summer, I decided to make a stop there to show my family beautiful Bruges!


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Bruges, a small size city

Bruges, or Brugge in Flemish, is a small city with some car free zones in the center, which makes it perfect for families with small children to explore the city on foot. The center is very picturesque and we were amazed by the number of historical buildings all so close to one another. The most known landmark in Bruges is the Belfort tower. You can climb on top of this tower to admire the view. You can also just stroll around on the streets, taste some chocolate in one of the many chocolate shops, or take a boat tour on the lovely canals!


Eat Local Food

One of the reasons children will definitely like to visit Bruges, is Belgian food. Belgium is home to many foods that most children love: Fries, Waffles, and Chocolate! Waffles come in all sorts with a lot of toppings to choose from, yum!


Boat Tour

Bruges is one of the cities which is also called the ‘Venice of the North’ and therefore a boat tour on Bruges’ beautiful canals is a must-do! The good thing about it for parents with toddlers is that the boat tour in Bruges doesn’t take too long. It only lasts for about a half an hour. Make sure to have your camera ready!


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Waffle with strawberries and Belgian chocolate anyone? 😋🇧🇪

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Bruges Fries Museum or Choco-Story

Now those are museums your toddlers will love! You can either pick the Fries Museum, or go to Choco-Story. Whichever one you choose, in both museums your children will be able to taste what it’s all about. We picked the fries museum and it was both educational and fun! Children can learn all about the history of the potato and its journey around the globe, and they can also play pretend to be fries makers and run their own stand in the play area! At the end of the museum visit, you can of course order some fries and taste them right there.


Family Friendly Accommodation in Bruges

For all families traveling with small children, we always recommend to stay right in the city center. Therefore, if the little legs are tired, there is always the possibility to rest a bit, and we love that we never have to go far in the evening to find a nice restaurant. Hotel Martin’s Brugge is located right in the center, behind the Belfort tower and the big central square the ‘Markt’. On this square it is easy to find a restaurant serving all the local specialties.


Perfect day trip from Bruges with kids

Bruges is close to the Belgian coast, which makes it easy to go and play on the beach as a day trip. The city of Gent is also close by and we heard a lot about that city, which we will have to check out on a next trip to Belgium.

One other day trip possibility I would really like to suggest is a visit to one of the oldest theme parks in the world, the Efteling, which is just across the border with the Netherlands. From Bruges this would be a 2h drive. The Efteling is perfect with toddlers because it has a big fairy tale forest with all the known fairy tales represented. It has an amazing talking tree, a knights and dragon theatre show, and cool fantasy rides even the youngest will love!

You can check out all our tips on visiting the Efteling theme park by reading this article on our blog: https://letsexplore.ch/efteling-amusement-park-familytravel-withkids/


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