Baby Friendly Eressos on Lesvos Island


Νοw that we have twins, looking for a holiday destination is a whole other thing. In the summer, we no longer crave an island adventure somewhere far away. On the contrary, we lust for small, quiet and safe beach towns, stroller friendly, beach oriented, with a sandy beach and a calm sea.
Exactly like dreamy Eressos on Lesbos island.


Read about our trip with the twins on Lesbos island Greece


How to get there

You will get to Lesbos island by ship or by air. There is a good connection between the island and Athens airport or Peireaus port. The flight is less than 1 hour, while the ship takes 11 hours to get there. From Mytilini (the island’s capital), the drive to Eressos is around 2 hours. If you travel with babies, you need to stop to Mytilini for a short while, for meals, nappy change etc. You can rent a car from Mytilini airport, with baby car seats already in it.


When to go

Eressos is an off the grid destination. Quiet and alternative. I recommend high season, even August, as it’s going to be calm even then.


Why go

  • Because you park and forget. You won’t need to drive anywhere, unless your kids are older and feel like exploring. If you have a baby and need to take it easy, just stay at Eressos, car-free.
  • The town is pedestrianized. You don’t need to drive, but you can’t also. Just a few roads make the whole town. The accommodation is here, so are the grocery shops, atms and taverns.
  • There is a deck along the beach, where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll, with a great view and some amazing statues dedicated to Sapfo, the ancient Greek female loving poet.
  • All coffee shops and taverns are on the beach, with a great view to the sand and sea or the park where your kids might be playing.
  • it’s peaceful, safe and calm. No cars on the streets. A sandy beach, a calm sea. Totally baby friendly.
  • It’s traditionally a family friendly destination, so you’ll def find parents to hang out with and other kids for your kid to play with.
  • But it’s so alternative! There is a nudist beach on the right and too secluded. The coffee shops are baby friendly, but at the same time offer adult-fun.


Where to eat

With Lesbos featuring in Conde Nast as the best island for foodies in Greece, you can understand that wherever you choose to eat, you won’t regret it.

Soulatso: For fresh fish and seafood. Try the local cheese fried and the Grypari dish. Enjoy, with a sea view.
Parasol Beach Bar: On the beach. It’s something between a tiki bar and a mexican taco joint. And the menu is taken out of some Instagram fantasy: innovative juices and dreamy smoothies, healthy teatox, smart breakfast ideas and worldly snacks with guacamole and falafel, and plenty of healthy ideas, including baby food! And really awesome cocktails!

Baby food

There are 2-3 grocery shops with fresh fruit and vegies. There is a meat shop, as well as a super market and a mini market for everything you might need to feed your babies.
The restaurants are equipped with baby chairs



I recommend a visit to Sigri, a village close to Eressos. There is a stone forest there, as well as another amazing beach.



Book early, as there aren’t any large resorts around. You will only find small hotels, rooms to let and airbnb’s with a view to the sea…



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