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… they must also breastfeed until 2, co-sleep until they’re fed up with it, eat fresh food, play montessory, learn to take care of themselves one step at a time and based on their own growth, and their mother needs to stay sane.

I once read that mums of 2017 get much more information than any other time. It certainly is the information era and the year when you can read tons of articles from your cell. There are even some articles that actually advice you to let go off your phone and play with your kids.

It’s true. I haven’t studied that much or learnt that much terminology, since my 6 years of postgraduate and master studies.

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Also, I’ve been reading all those rules:
1. You need to be well educated about breastfeeding
2. You should nurse at least till 2
3. It’s good to co-sleep until your kids leave your bed at their own time
4. Your baby should sleep in their parent’s bedroom at least until 1
5. Car seats must be rear facing at least until 2,5
6. Babies should face backwards when in their stroller until 1
7. Actually, you’d better wear your babies all day long
8. You should only feed them with fresh food, certified organic, ideally, be friends with the producer
9. Do baby led weaning
10. How to avoid helicopter parenting
11. Sportscasting is great to avoid confrontations between siblings
12. The 10 principles of attachment parenting
13. 100 things your kid should learn to do on their own by age, from 6 months, with the parent’s guidance
14. The 20 principles of Maria Montessori
15. Traveling with your babies is amazing
16. Traveling with your babies is meaningless
17. Twins must/must not be together at school
18. It takes a village to raise a child
19. There’s nothing you can’t do on your own

Besides all these, mommy needs to lose her pregnancy and breastfeeding weight, take care of herself and her husband, cook, work out, see friends, go out, stroll with her babies, travel, work or stay at home with her kiddos, play with them, advice them and teach them all kinds of stuff.

And let’s not forget all the information a mother has to listen to coming from aunts, in-laws, relatives and ignorant health professionals: “They still wake up at night?” so “they must drink powder milk”, “babies can’t drink water on their own”, “newborns should sleep in their own room at 3 weeks old”, “breastfeeding is just good for the first 40 days/3 months/6 months”, “let them cry it out”, “co-sleeping is dangerous”, “breastfeed them on a schedule”, “potty train them at 12 months the latest”, “such a good boy eating all his food”, “no, don’t eat on your own, let me feed you”.
And, in Greece, she should also put up with all those idiots offering her their idiotic advice just because they run into her on the street. And be able to answer without losing her cool to all of those expecting her to start whining, just because she has twins: “How is it with twins?”, “it’s amazing, double the love”, “oh it’s double trouble too”, “I love my babies”, “I’m sure they give you a really hard time”, “Most times are great”, “It’s ok to cry”…
Attachment parenting and positivity tend to raise some eyebrows…

Last but not least, I must teach my sons to respect women and to separate “yes” from “no”. And, since I’ve been watching tons of serial killer shows who have all be traumatized by their mothers, I must also be careful with that. I mean, really careful.

In this mountain of information, tips, guidelines, titles, articles, books and terminology, I try to stay sane and raise my twins as naturally as it comes to me.

At least, traveling with them is actually a way out of this chaos.


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