At Lake Bled, Slovenia


“Οnce a year, make one of your travel dreams come true!’
With that in mind, we found ourselves in dreamy Lake Bled, the diamond of the Slovenian / Julian Alps, one of Instagram’s biggest frenzies!
Bled, Slovenia

Wonderful from every corner


Lake Bled is situated a few kilometres north of Ljubljana, less than 1 hour away. It is the perfect day trip from the capital, even if you’re there just for a few days. We chose to stay at Bled village, right on the lake, and experience the well-known beauties of the slovenian nature first hand.


hiking around the lake

The best way to explore Lake Bled is hike around it – and that’s what we did.
However, if you don’t have much time, you could just drive around the lake (it takes less than 10 minutes) and just stop where it’s allowed, to take stunning pics.
You can walk around the lake in less than 2 hours, but with all the stops for photos and everything else that we did, it’s easily a day trip. In any case, the trail is just by the lake, sometimes even on it, making the experience magical!

Lake Bled Lake Bled



There are 1-2 trails leaving the main one, which lead to panoramic view spots. We followed one of them and after an uphill hike of just 15 minutes, we were up high staring at the breathtaking views.

Το μονοπάτι που μας οδήγησε στην πανοραμική θέα
Το μονοπάτι που μας οδήγησε στην πανοραμική θέα / The trail that led us to the panorama


Lake Bled Island

It is the absolute must-see/do, together with the castle.
You can canoe your way to the island, but you can also go by boat. We walked around the island, we went to its church’s park, which offers great views to Tito’s summer house, we too rang the bell in the beautiful, simple church, we went up the bell tower to look at the old clock and then headed up to the exhibition with dolls dressed in traditional clothing from all the EU countries.

Το καραβάκι για το νησί της λίμνης
The boat that takes you to the island
Το μονοπάτι γύρω απ' το νησάκι
The trail that goes around the island
Η θέα από το νησάκι προς το κάστρο
The views to the castle from the island
Η πλατεία της εκκλησίας στο νησί
The church’s park
Η καλύτερη θέα στο νησί, είναι απ' το καραβάκι
The best view to the island is from on the boat
Τα σκαλιά από την αποβάθρα προς την εκκλησία
On the stairway that takes your from the deck to the church


The Castle

After leaving the island, we kept on walking right on the lake shore, into woods with tall trees and next to the still water. It was afternoon when we arrived at the castle. It’s a 5 minute walk to get up there and it offers great views to the lake, the village, the island and the surrounding mountains. I totally recommend the amazing restaurant inside the castle, which offers panoramic views through its large windows and great gourmet dishes in reasonable prices, matched with awesome wine. Perfect after a day’s hike!

Το κάστρο και η εκκλησία του χωριού
The castle and the village’s church
Το κάστρο του Bled
Bled’s Castle
Το νησί, από το κάστρ
The views to the island from the castle
Στο κάστρο του Bled
Inside the castle


Bled Village

Hiking down from the castle, we saw the church of Bled village, entered, and then kept on walking towards the village and our hotel (villa Ana), passing through the cutest little Christmas market.

Later in the evening, we tasted some local delicacies, including trout from the neighboring Lake Bohinj, ending in the most romantic and tasteful way the dreamiest day of our road trip.

Η εκκλησία του χωριού
The village’s church
Το νησί, το κάστρο και η χριστουγεννιάτικη αγορά
The island, the castle and the christmas market
Το χωριό, από το κάστρο
Views to the village from the castle







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