Arachova Greece with Babies


Is Arachova in Greece family friendly?

Yes and no, actually. But since all parents learn to adapt and those of us who want to travel with our babies are also inventive and ready for everything, the answer is basically YES!


Why not:

1. Because like everywhere else in Greece, there is just one smoke-free eatery. It’s a winter destination and being outside with babies is non advisable.
2. As always, you need to look hard and ask around before you find accommodation that will prepare baby food.
3. Arachova itself has narrow sidewalks and the surrounding villages have no infrastructure for pushchairs.
4. It’s cold!


Why yes:

1. Because there is actually one restaurant where smoking is not permitted!
2. Because in Livadi, right next to Arachova, there are plenty of huge taverns, with traditional gourmet food, impeccable service, high chairs, and are so spacious that even if someone smokes, the fireplace absorbs it all. I recommend Karaouli!
3. Because there are so many accommodation options! Elatos resort for example is huge, offers kids activities and even has a winter pool. There are also spacious chalets with playground, all deep in the woods, for kids to be closer to nature. Last but not least, you can always check out Delphi town (near the famous oracle monument), where there is much cheaper options. This kind of variety you won’t find anywhere else in the mountains of Greece.
4. Because it’s relatively easy to stroll around.
5. Because there is even a drugstore open on Sundays, let alone grocery stores and clothes shops for everything you might need.
6. Because all this nature around is only good for our little ones.
7. It’s so close to Athens! Less than 3 hours drive. And close to the best organized ski resort of the country.
8. Because if you’re well prepared, you can go anywhere:
a. Have your carriers with you, so that no pavements no dirt roads keep you inside. Hike in the mountains!
b. Bring your own chair harness with you, in case you want to have a meal in your room or there is no high chair available in the restaurant.
c. Layer yourself and your baby. Dress for the location, dress for the season.
d. If you bring your pushchair, don’t forget the baby blankets and the rainproof covers.
e. Always bring a bag with you that includes everything you might need for their food. Be prepared!

Have you ever visited Greece in the winter time?


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