Here are some ways you can spend some time alone with your partner and even some mum alone time, when traveling with babies, twins even!


1. Room Service

Order room service, after the babies are asleep. Most family hotels, such as Kinsterna or Hinitsa Bay, are large enough or have a dinner area, cozy enough to enjoy amazing food you can order by phone 😉


2. Baby sitting

Large resorts offers this service. Smaller hotels do too actually, as long as you book it well in advance. Now imagine putting the babies to sleep and the going out. At night. To experience what this new city has to offer when it comes to drinking, eating and… clubbing!


3. Cocoon/SandCastle

Westin Costa Navarino is the ultimate baby destination for many reasons. One of them is the Cocoon/Sand Castle day care for babies, toddlers and older kids. Teachers will play with your babies, feed them, put them to sleep. While you can relax by the pool or go for lunch. Or enjoy your massage…


4. Spa

Mum alone time is really important. it help you unwind and be a calmer mother. So do your family a favor and book that spa treatment! You need it!


5. After they sleep, put them in the stroller and go!

We actually did this twice at Costa Navarino. The first time, the woke up after we had finished a 3 course dinner, so we left. The second time, they both woke up in turns just after we ordered. So, we took turns to walk around and help them fall back asleep, which they both did and so we resumed our italian dinner. 


5+1 Travel with a 3rd adult

Last summer, we visited my in-laws at their beach house. When we arrived, they wanted to babysit so that we go for a swim. We were reluctant at first “we want to spend the day on the beach with them blah blah”, but gave in easily enough. I remember looking at each other with a carefree expression that was priceless. 


So, who wants to join us on our next trip? Willing to babysit the twins? 



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