5+1 Favorite Family Travel Instagrams

Enough with all those cute solo travel girls sipping champagne in hotel lobbies and posing their buns at infinity pools. It’s not even difficult what they’re doing, it’s boring.
Ever since I became a mom, I found other women to follow. They are moms, which might be considered boring to begin with. But those 6 have created a new amazing trend. It might be a complicated and unusual one, but it’s not at all boring: families with babies who travel long and far. Parents, families of 5 or 7 who travel the world together. And they can shut up all those single who claim that they are happy that “All my friends are walking down the aisle-I’m walking down the airplane aisle”. Life doesn’t end when you have babies. It just makes you stronger, more inventive. And all of a sudden, all those packing light tips those half naked girls write about are nonsense.


1. Travel mad mum

She is mad alright. She’s done twice something that few have done. She traveled the world on her maternity leave. The second time around, she had a toddler on tow too. And traveled Canada, USA, Central and Latin America, then flew to New Zealand, stayed in Bali for 2 months, before heading to Singapore to take the plane back to Ireland. The baby alone has been to 23 countries. The toddler is 4 years old and has been traveling half her life! Her instagram account is full of inspiration and guts.


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CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 ~ The most colourful vibrant place we visited in South America.. We spent NYE on this very street. Locals had their arm chairs and tables pulled onto the street with their radio speaker. There was such good vibes. We could hardly walk 100 metres with the kids, not because it was overcrowded, instead the locals were so incredibly friendly to the kids. Quinn’s first word was ‘ola’. It’s no surprise considering every single person that walked past him for 6+ months in Central and South America said that exact word .. I’m really hoping they can speak a second language well whilst still children. It’s definitely much easier to learn it when they are young. 🙏 So excited that Esmé is really interested and it’s so funny that she’s more than happy to put the emphasis into the accent 😂.. I always feel like such a dick doing that mixed with my Irish accent 😂.. Side note @theculturedkid do amazing online lessons for little ones in a variety of languages. We are enrolled and are only just getting around to it now, we are a little behind whilst trying to settle back home 😅

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2. The World wide Webers

The Weber family is a lot like the travel mad family. They too have a toddler girl and a baby boy and travel non stop. They’ve been to less countries, but have lived to more and travel more often. I love watching her instagram stories, because they now often go to weekends away around Switzerland and visit some dreamy places. They lived in London before and before that in South Africa (ok, I may have missed a city or two). Did I mention they are from NY?
This mum is as sarcastic and funny as travel mad mum is bold. Enjoy!


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The view from Swiss trains looks completely fake. In fact, this is probably the time to admit that we never really travel, and this is all a backdrop at our local Walmart. It’s amazing how real it looks! #twoforoneswissbackdropsale #varietypack #solidstunt

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3. Then I had twins

I’m a twin mum myself, so mums who travel with one baby and one toddler don’t impress me as much as Anna who frequently flies long haul with her twins. She is from the States but lives in The Netherlands, she is the cutest (wait till you see her twins) and my twins love listening to her Instagram stories. She often shares tips on long haul travel with twins (one of which has a medical condition) and her everyday life with her babes. It’s real all the way, but with a lush background and strolls in some uber cute villages with streams and flowers. She recently started Moments with Mothers, to help local mums find the time they deserve. Bravo, Anna!


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It’s happening. We sleep again. Not as much as we did before kids and no, not all night every night because #twins #teeth #growthspurts #nightmares #insomnia #adrenalinsufficiency #hypertoddlers I could go on all day BUT we sleep enough to feel alive again. We have a good routine, an easier one, we’re more flexible, even I’m more flexible (gasp!). We have energy to go out and do fun things together, alone, and with the entire crew. We are more organized, we ask for more help, and therewith we have a better balance. It didn’t happen in one day and it’s not perfect every day but it’s better, so much better. ❤️🙌🏻 . We have a tradition of visiting a few new Dutch towns every year – today we went to Giethoorn – “Venice of The Netherlands” – it’s a tiny fairytale town with no roads, only canals (and many Asian tourists)😁✌️. We ate pancakes and changed diapers instead of sipping bellinis at Hotel Cipriani but we felt like our ‘old’… more like our ‘new’ selves again. We love traveling, exploring, learning together and taking the twins along on our adventures gets easier too! (…except for eating at a full restaurant with two wild toddlers, I’m still waiting for that part to be fun👶🏻👶🏻🍽🙈🤣)

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4. Chaotic wanders

Again as a twin mum, I can’t help but admire this family who travels with 3 toddlers around the world. They live in Sweden now, but are Russians and have shared some very helpful winter travel tips with babies with me. In Aja’s Instagram, you’ll find every possible and impossible solution to move around with 3 toddlers. She is so inventive, she puts The Blonde Abroad to shame.
Let me just remind you that it’s not easy to travel with 3 toddlers, let alone blog about it. So, bravo Aja!


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Today, we went to visit several different sites in DC in our attempt to teach the kids about Memorial Day. I didn’t have much hope that the toddlers would learn anything other than some excitement about their nation’s capital. I wasn’t really wrong about that but I underestimated the impact of taking them out today. Everywhere we turned there were veterans. Veterans who loved the smiles and seeing the joy these three were experiencing. Joy that we wouldn’t have without their sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice that these memorials represent. Today, it wasn’t about teaching the facts but about having the freedom to do so. I know it’s such a small thing but I’m happy we could give back this weekend. #memorialday2018 #dctography #exploredc #dckids

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5. Chelsea Jean

And from chaos and realism, let’s move to the realms of fantasy. Chelsey might be a mother of 5, but she is blonde and hot and married to a blond hottie. Did I mention they live in Hawaii in some sort of paradise beach or something? Why is she in this list, you may ask. Well, because they recently took their 5 kids (including a baby) and went all the way to Alaska and… Italy, you know because those two countries are so close to each other and it’s so easy to pack for both. Their photos are just stunning and they make tons of money doing exactly what you see on her Instagram account.


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We’ve made lots of friends in each place we’ve visited, some whom I know we’ll stay in contact forever. ‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions’ I just read this quote and it totally resonated with me. In 35 years when you look back at your life you’ll probably wish you spent more time living and less time worrying. You’ll remember the important things, like special moments and personal challenges. Maybe you’ll look back and wish you traveled more, learned more about other people’s cultures, breathed in the fresh air and watched more sunsets. Do more things that are most precious to you. Things that when the moment comes and you look back, you’ll be proud of. Be kinder to yourself. It’s never too late to be who you wish you were. You being you is the best gift you can give yourself. Cheers to the best version of yourself and a beautiful future! #liveawake #chelseajeanpresets #royalcaribbeancruise

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5+1 Monica Nyhus

Αs we’ve learnt at Skam (norwegian tv show), Norway is the freest and richest country in the world. I guess that’s why Monika, her husband and their 3 boys travel this much. Or why they look so extremely happy and content at every picture. The couple itself look like Barbie and Ken and their house belongs to the cover of House and Garden. But most of all I admire the places they go and how effortless they make it look. In their Instagram account, you can see stories from Miami to Mexico, Africa and California. And when I say “see”, I really mean “drool over”.


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