I’ve been breastfeeding my twin boys for 21 months no. They’ve only been bottle fed like twice (and with pumped milk), so I am really not the person to share the benefits of formula. But I do know the benefits of breastfeeding. And though I’ve been suffering from agitation when I tandem ever since they turned 18 months (they’ve grown heavy), I love breastfeeding. And I love it from the very beginning, as it was my only true connection with my boys when I was separated from them at birth (they were born at 33 weeks and stayed in nicu without me). Knowing that I was going to give birth prematurely, I got really well educated on breastfeeding before delivery. And I am one of very few women who has managed exclusive, problem-free breastfeeding with premature twins.
So here is why breastfeeding twins is ideal and why I keep on doing it!

If you belong to the 3% of women who cannot breastfeed due to health related reasons, don’t read any further. 


1. It’s super easy. You just place the twins on your breast and they are fed.
2. It’s for free. Artificial milk x2 will kill the family’s budget during the first 6 months.
3. It’s hands free. I’ve read books while tandem nursing. I talk on the phone. I work on my phone. If you tandem-bottle feed, your hands are tight.
4. It’s not bad for their teeth. So you won’t have to worry about sugar consumption and proper teeth brushing from very early on..
5. Imagine one of the twins (or both) suffering from allergies. The ideal formula is very expensive.
6. It makes traveling a lot lighter. You only have to carry the twin-breastfeeding pillow, or not even that.
7. You won’t have to count meals, ml’s and I don’t know what else. They just latch, drink and gain weight.
8. You’ll skip the difficult process of setting up a feeding schedule (it usually involves a lot of crying), which is necessary in bottle feeding, so that the mom/care taker has time to prepare their milk.
9. For 6 months, you’ll won’t have to do any washing up. No bottles, no sterilizers, no pacifiers, no nothing.
10. You save from skipping the sterilizer expense.
11. You won’t have to spend a dime on pacifiers, pacifiers cases, bottles and fake nipples.
12. When you’re out with your twins, you don’t have to carry anything but their diapers and a baby carrier.
13. When they wake you at night, you just put them on your breast. In the beginning, you’ll need the twin-breastfeeding pillow to tandem, so you’ll be sitting. But as they grow, you just lay with your twins on your chest. You’re probably bed share, so you won’t even open your eyes. Let alone, stand on your feet, turn on the light, prepare milk for one. And then the other.
14. You know your babes drink what’s best for them.
15. You are building their immune system.
16. Your milk is always in the right temperature. Don’t worry.
17. They will drink as much as they need. They won’t over feed. They won’t starve.
18. Your milk is always going to be enough. As long as you put your twins on your breasts, your milk supply increases. Which means that twin moms have double the supply!
19. For a long period, you won’t get your period. 23 months for me. Which means, you can just plan trips!
20. When they turn one, when tantrums start to hit, you just put them on your breast.
21. My George is not comfortable when we meet with family. I don’t know how we could deal with this if he wasn’t breastfeeding.
22. When they are sleepy and nervous about not sleeping, they will relax on your breast.
23. It’s an amazing way to connect with each twin separately: breastfeed each on his own time when you can.
24. You know they’re getting all the nutrients necessary for their age.
25. You personally know the milk supplier… You know what… she eats, what kind of life she leads, if she’s on antibiotics or hormones 😉
26. You can nurse everywhere. It’s fast and it’s easy.
27. You won’t ever have to purchase and carry around special milk containers.
28. You won’t have to buy every once in a while age appropriate nipples.
29. You don’t always need to be with another adult when it’s time to feed the twins. I spent the first 6 moths home alone, with my husband coming in from work, and it was the best time of my life. I didn’t have to deal with family who comes to help and thinks they should advice me against everything I choose to do. It was quiet, I loving and magical, with my twins in my arms, breastfeeding, playing, reading to them, listening to music with them, watching them grow.
30. You won’t need to give your twins some kind of powder which you have no idea where it came from and that will probably be out of the market tomorrow due to some weird medical or chemical reasons.
31. Breastfeeding is the fastest way for the uterus to go back to its regular size after birth.
32. Their mom’s milk is the ideal milk for premature babies. 50% of twins are born prematurely.
33. Breast milk protects kids against serious illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.
34. Pacifiers have been linked to otitis. Twins usually contract each other’s illnesses. Just saying.
35. Breastfeeding prevents against obesity.
36. Breast milk tastes amazing. Formula does not.
37. You don’t harm the environment with all those formula packages.
38. When your toddlers hurt themselves, know that breast milk is a natural pain killer.
39. When your kid has a soar throat and/or needs to drink lots of fluids, breastfeeding will save you all.
40. A breastfeeding mom gets better sleep. She won’t have to wake and prepare milk in the middle of the night. She doesn’t have a colicky baby, with allergies, a heavy stomach or difficulty drinking. All the above are double as possilble with twins.
41. Dads of breastfeeding twins sleeps a lot more, as breastfeeding only takes one adult.
42. You won’t have to go through the dreaded time of checking which kind of formula is best for each baby.
43. it’s the best treatment for colics.
44. Breastfeeding time is quiet time around the apartment. It’s time to sit down and relax. Nap or sleep.
45. Nappy changes are pretty cool. Breastfeeding babies drink milk that is natural to them.
46. You can even feed them while you are walking, exercising, running errands or doing chores.
47. Breastfeeding helps with weight loss. Exclusively breastfeeding twins burns around 600-900 calories per day. If you eat proper food, here’s your chance to become fit again.
48. It diminishes the chances to get ovarian cancer or breast cancer. Both to you and to your breastfeeding daughter.
49. Cow milk is difficult to digest.
50. Breast milk is therapeutic to the stomach.


I wish you the best!


* My carrier in the photo is by Stokke.
* I recommend you get all the information you need on breastfeeding, by the best: Paul Newman.


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