At a time when everyone is talking about winter white vistas and how to keep cozy during the Christmas holidays, a dreamy travel blog, such as Dreamista, has a certain wanderlust looking forward, and beyond the season. At a time when the majority of the world is experiencing a typical Wintertime, we dare to dream about three summer destinations for (alternative) Wintertime vacations


The ever popular Seychelles

Seychelles need no introductions; a popular destination for travellers all around the world, and one of the top honeymoon choices! Known as the Garden of Eden for its distinctly exotic shores and fairly stable temperatures throughout the year (~27°c), this is something to be taken advantage of especially during the Wintertime months, November – January. Although it rains year round, this is considered their ‘wet’ season, making it the most affordable time to visit, and rest assured there will be plenty of sunshine before or after the occasional shower. Actually, the climate is perfect for a peaceful cruise between October – April, compared to May – September when dry winds create rougher seas.


The rich coast of Costa Rica

Now (December – April) is also the the best time to visit one of the happiest countries in the world: Costa Rica. According to the World Happiness Index for 2016, Costa Rica is the first country from the developing world to appear at number 14, just below the US. There are numerous factors that make Costa Rica appear high in these rankings, which you’ll quickly discover on your own. With over 20 national parks and another more 25 Nature Reserves and Protected Areas, Costa Rica is a wonderful world of eco-diversity that every nature loving tourist should visit sooner rather than later. Experience the wealth of this coast first hand, and be stunned by its sensational beaches, the imposing volcanoes, the thick rain forests, its flowing rivers and its mysterious caves.


The rebellious Cuba

Visiting Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro should be an interesting experience. Castro was the one to open up Cuba to tourism which in turn injected the Cuban economy with much needed cash flow. The Cuba of today largely retains its rustic charm and enchanting mix of cultures, and tourists are welcomed warmly simply because their spending has worked much needed wonders for the locals. Filled with colonial cities, verdant landscapes, and quaint but never quiet streets, the galore of sights and sounds of Cuba still await to be explored.



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