Every season is Travel season. Especially October in Greece, when the weather is still amazing and the crowds have retreated. Here’s 3 amazing destinations near Athens, ideal for day trips!



Steni, Evia

Just 2-3 hours from Athens, Steni is a cool, green paradise village in Evia. It’s a popular destination for river hiking, but also for climbing mount Dirfi. However, it’s widely known for its amazing meat taverns overlooking the river, a very good reason for anyone to take a day trip from Athens. Don’t leave without trying its famous biscuit-chocolate dessert, and without buying herbs, local honey and home-made fruit delights.



The Mountains of Korinthia

Trikala might be the most magical destination this close to Athens. It takes just 1-2 hours to get there and another 2-3 to explore Lakes Doxa and Stymphalia, as well as for a ride on the mountatin. Just in time for an early dinner, at one of these elegant traditional taverns, for one of the most memorable meals of your life.



The Villages of Arcadia

A bit farther than Trikala, the villages of Arcadia are perched on the lush mountain. Within a day, you can either hike the mountain trail from Vlaherna to Levidi village (we did it so why can’t you?) where you’ll rest enjoying piglet, the local delicacy. Or you can drive up until Vitina and Dimitsana villages, explore their beauties, Lousios river, the Water Museum, before heading up to a cool tavern for piglet of course.Arcadia2





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