Spring is just around the corner, and in Greece it is renowned for being a precursor to Summer. It is a great opportunity for couples or parents who are willing to part from their children for a short late spring break that puts them into relaxation mode, refilling their ‘batteries’ through much needed alone time. Late Spring is also a time when the sea lovers can brave the first swim of the year, so why not consider 3 + 1 romantic late Spring Greek island holiday destinations?


The epitome of a romantic escape to Santorini

The romantic, Greek island classic, Santorini could not be missing from any romantic Greek destinations list. For some people it may have been years since they visited Santorini; perhaps it was back when they were a new couple and who knows what has changed since then. Others may not have visited at all, in which case, put Santorini on your bucket list immediately. Since it is a highly popular destination worldwide, visiting Santorini during the high season may actually retract from the magic of it. The point of a romantic escape is to get away from the world and spend the most intimate moments with your other half, so clamoring the narrow cobblestone streets with a horde of tourists definitely doesn’t meet your romantic criteria, in the slightest. So opt for a late Spring break to amplify the romance, as for the most secluded spot on the island, luxury suites in Akrotiri, Santorini provide the ideal setting for a romantic escape filled with some unique views to get lost in.


An alternative retreat in Thassos

For adults seeking an off the grid, peaceful, retreat-like destination in which to spend a romantic late Spring break, consider the island of Thassos in the North Aegean. An island blessed with so much natural beauty awaiting to be discovered, it may mostly appeal to those who seek a sense of adventure or are nature lovers, keen on finding new landscape vistas to feast their eyes on. Often referred to as the emerald island, justifiably, Thassos boasts some incredibly verdant scenes pouring down to crystalline shores and a plethora of various activities and sites to explore. Going on a holiday to Thassos during late Spring will prove be most enjoyable as nature is in full bloom and the sun gradually gathers its strength, making the days pleasantly warm. Consider staying in a central location with the benefit of a number of conveniences near by as well as a comfortable accommodation arrangement such as apartment villas in Thassos island.


Romance, relaxation & luxury in Paros

When looking to combine romance with relaxation and luxury in an island destination that is both popular yet still retains its traditional character, then Paros can deliver on all fronts. Part of the Cyclades, it remains a top choice for those seeking a well-rounded holiday in Greece. Late Spring in Paros is especially enjoyable, while the island is also known for its nightlife and its general vibrancy. Couples who are on a romantic late Spring break can choose to stay in a quieter location overlooking the wonderful Aegean, such as at Parasporos where they can be pampered by many top tier facilities of a Paros Luxury Hotel, that also has a familial element to its hospitality approach. Newly renovated, it offers a 5 star experience as of the beginning of May with some sensational new room types specifically designed for enamoured couples.


City-island getaway in Chania, Crete

For those couples who are mostly city people and would rather go on a cityscape, leaving the more typical island destinations to be visited during the Summer, then Chania is an excellent choice. Choosing Chania for a romantic late Spring break means you also get to visit an island with all the perks of a urban hub of activity. The old town of Chania is built around one of the most beautiful Venetian harbours you may have seen, surrounded by a colourful array of shops, cafes, tavernas and quaint places to enjoy a few moments of leisure, soaking in the local vibes. Chania has a fair amount of diversity in terms of what to do; from exploring the old town’s sites even venturing outwards to discover the nearby natural beauties; the possibilities are endless! Consider a sophisticated 4 star city hotel in Chania for your stay and enjoy uptown hospitality in a downtown location.


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