When thinking about holidays in Greece, how many of us immediately think of islands? With over 150 islands, the connection between holidays in Greek islands occurs naturally. However, Greece has so much more to offer. Considering some wonderful greek mainland destinations for families can prove to be a great experience too. Coastal mainland destinations especially also have the advantage of offering the beach side of life, so being by the sea is always on the itinerary.


A family adventure in the Peloponnese

Discovering new locations and exploring new places creates a warm feeling way down inside that satisfies your wanderlust. Although wanderlust is a trait associated with adults, you can be certain that children have it to. Traveling with your young ones gives them the unique opportunity to set eyes on fresh visuals and stimuli, that will shape them and remain forever engraved in the their minds.

In Greece we have a funny expression that is constantly being proved right: ‘children are like sponges’. Why not give them the chance to fill their mind’s canvas with an adventure trip that bonds the family and teaches them a few things about the history of Greece? They may not remember the full scale of information, but they will always remember how they felt: and that is inspired!

Nafplio is one Greek mainland destination that promises that. The first capital city of Greece before Athens, Nafplio is simply sensational. And although one of its top landmarks may not be so suitable for children, it is striking to watch from below. Palamidi fortress is ever so imposing, built on a hill and overlooks the entire town from above. It’s top can be reached by taking 857 winding steps, which most children would not be determined enough to climb, however, even observing it from the ground up is enchanting enough. Another landmark which is more approachable, is the water castle of Bourtzi. Its beautifully lit by night while you can visit it during the day. The Lion of Bavarians will astound you and your little ones. Sculpted into the mountain rock, this monumentally proportioned lion is shown sleeping, like the protector of the city. Near Nafplion you will also find the archaeological site of Mycenae. An ancient settlement that was once the kingdom of King Agamemnon and is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage collection.

For older children who enjoy the experience of being at sea, choosing to discover these destinations plus a few others that reveal the treasures of classical Greece by cruise could be a great way to secure a wonderful family adventure.


A luxury family escape to Halkidiki

If you prefer a more leisurely and luxurious approach to holidaying, Halkidiki is one of the top greek mainland destinations for families to visit. Although it is essentially a single destination, it is quite diverse as it covers a vast expanse of area that creates a three-legged peninsula. Choosing to stay in Kassandra, will give you the peace of mind and absolute comfort of a luxury family resort in Halkidiki.

Using it as your base, you can choose how you spend your days. Either entirely carefree, by making the most out the in house facilities or liaise with the concierge and make your own bespoke family itinerary. This can include excursions to the wonderful surroundings, by land, sea or even air! Have you ever thought of a hot air balloon ride with your family? Where you can all enjoy not only the best panoramic but aerial views that Halkidiki has to offer?

Apart from Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos are the other two locations within Halkidiki. You can arrange a private cruise for your family to discover both these locations. Sithonia offers wonderful swimming spots that are remote from any noisy beaches, giving your family exclusivity of some really stunning hidden coves. Don’t miss the chance to include Mount Athos on your itinerary. A sacred place where only men on a pilgrimage can enter. A special permission needs to be obtained before approaching by boat, but it is definitely worth making this small effort in order to experience something so exclusive.

Of course, staying at a luxury resort means that your family can indulge in a plethora of services that may impress you so much that will perhaps reconsider leaving the premises at all! Especially if you have opted for an all inclusive stay, you will easily get used to being attended to and pampered every second of the day. Discover more about family friendly hotels in Greece.


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