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I am Anna Paparizou, I am a mom of twin fraternal boys since September 2016 and I love traveling. This is where I share our experiences traveling with our twin boys – we’ve been exploring baby friendly spots and family oriented hotels almost every month since February 2017! My lovely Dreamista is a blog where you can also find tips on how to make your travels with kids (and without them) dreamier! Let your journey begin here!


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Top 5 places for relaxing Greek holidays

What is the ultimate goal of a holiday? Relaxation, of course! Having an overall relaxed holiday is certainly something to aim for, however, achieving it requires a few more factors. It requires getting away from your routine, discovering a new place or returning to a favourite one, letting all your worries go, not caring about the day or the time, sleeping well and eating exceptionally. Here are the top 5 places for relaxing Greek holidays, each providing unique experiences that will amplify your sense of relaxation.

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TRVLBEES: The World’s Most Stylish Family Hotels

Trvlbees is my perfect internet space to find the best family friendly stylish hotels. It is a brand new concept by Debby van Viersen and Emma Runia, two Dutch ladies who just couldn’t stop traveling once they had a family. But they couldn’t compromise their love for stylish getaways either. So they found a way to combine both: a platform where travel parents from all over the world can tip family friendly yet elegant properties they discover in their travels from Singapore to Greece and from the Caribbean to SE Asia.


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