Wedding planning is wonderful. Planning the ideal honeymoon however, should better be left to the experts. After all, it’s the least you deserve after organizing a whole wedding!
Recently, I came upon Naido Weddings, which makes honeymoon booking to top notch exclusive destinations around the world an easy breezy and joyful experience.
I talked with them of course, and I am bringing lots of inside information to you, some insightful, some pretty modern, and some I-wish-I-knew-that-earlier. Luckily, it’s (still) early enough:

1. You can still book a summer honeymoon: If all that wedding planning took the best of you and your time and you haven’t yet thought about a honeymoon, no worries! There’s still availability for some amazing destinations, even though August is fast approaching.

2. September is ideal for a honeymoon: Prices are lower than in high season and popular destinations are a lot less crowded, perfect for a romantic getaway.

3. Greece is dreamy for honeymoons: Couples from all over the world choose our islands for their honeymoon. Why not you too? Greek beaches are amazing, the weather is sweet, while luxury hotels offer over the top services along with high end facilities and unforgettable experiences.

4. Honeymoon booking is actually easy: … when Naido takes over. Well, they offer tons of custom options for free, both when it comes to destinations and resorts or hotel honeymoon suites, but also for the when and the how long. You just sit back and enjoy, exactly as you deserve it after your wedding!

5. Administered luxury villas are the new smart choice: And this is pretty new information that Naido seems to know a lot about. Actually, instead of booking a honeymoon suite in a hotel, you can reserve your own luxury villa spaces, enjoying your well needed privacy, without missing out on all the luxurious services and amenities of a hotel. The villas are fully equipped with everything you need to be pampered, and with extra services available, such as car rental, boat tour,private chef and yoga/massage sessions!



The world’s favorite, especially as a honeymoon destination! Its unique scenery, the dreamy Oia sunset and the romantic alleyways put Santorini first in any romantic destination list. And a private terrace in a luxury boutique hotel, with an infinity pool overlooking the caldera is the cherry on the cake…Santorini 7



One of the top cosmopolitan island destinations in the Mediterranean, Mykonos isn’t just a cute gem, it’s also home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in Greece. Infinity pools with a view to the Aegean sea, refreshing cocktails in world class beach bars and elegant restaurants will give a breeze of luxury to your first holiday together.Mykonos 2



One of the most stunning cycladic islands, with luxury yet minimal resorts becoming one with the natural element, Tinos is the ideal destination to build unforgettable memories. The friendly locals, quaint bays and cobblestone alleys, along with the minimal architecture and the islander simplicity will create the ideal background for your first photos as a married couple.Tinos 2


Unique beaches, emerald waters, amazing Mediterranean ambient: can you think of a more ideal setting for your honeymoon? The dreamy accommodation options in Milos are just a wonderful extra to this dreamy island, creating however a sweet everyday dilemma: “Should we just stay in the hotel and be pampered all day or shall we explore the island?”Milos



There is so much to see and do in Crete. Luckily, there are also many luxury hotels ideal for honeymooners, that will on the one hand keep you entertained within their premises and on the other they can accommodate your every need organizing tours and excursions to local destinations of your choice.Crete 2


Athenian Riviera

Athens Riviera offers amazing choices for a dreamy honeymoon by the beach, in some of the best resorts of the country. Opulence, luxurious amenities and minimal elegance will give an extra something to your moments, offering the cosmopolitan luxury and the romance you’ve been craving for.Athens 2



Chalkidiki is famous for its numerous sandy beaches with pine trees that reach the water, for its crystal clear azure waters and for luxurious resorts that will make your honeymoon dreams come true!Halkidiki 3


Whichever destination you’ve put your eye on for your honeymoon, don’t just book your trip the same way you do every year.
It’s always best to trust the professionals and I believe that a platform that specializes on weddings, from the ideal proposal setting and dreamy destination weddings to, of course, honeymoons, will offer you the top choices on both honeymoon destinations and resorts. Naido provides offers on exclusive destinations as well as specialized packages and custom made proposals, to help you choose and book the honeymoon of your dreams this summer.
But, hurry! The clock is ticking!


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